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Lily is studying a Bachelor of Film and Television Production. When she isn’t on the set of a film, it’s highly likely she’s watching one. After five international moves in her formative years, Lily’s love of film and cinema grew out of an appreciation for an art form that remained constant and impactful through every changing season of life.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: Gang of Youths, The Oh Hellos, Bon Iver
TOP 3 MOVIES: The Princess Bride, La La Land, About Time
BEST CONCERT: Gang of Youths at Sydney's Enmore Theatre
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Watching ‘Bug’s Bunny: Whacky Wabbit’ on VHS at my Nan’s house, eating Apple Turnovers and drinking Sarsaparilla.

Gemini Man - Ang Lee vs Ang Lee: has technology gone too far?
GEMINI MANAng Lee vs Ang Lee: has technology gone too far?
The film deserves to be acknowledged for discovering the future of movies and the capacity of the technology, but it sticks to a safe plot we've seen before... a few times.
If Life Gives You Lemons - An impactful coming-of-age story
IF LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONSAn impactful coming-of-age story
The film makes an assertion about circumstances, luck, determination and grit - whilst also advocating kindness.
Granny Poetry Club - Growing old, friendship, learning and poetry
GRANNY POETRY CLUBGrowing old, friendship, learning and poetry
This documentary tracks a group of unlikely people in a very peculiar and undocumented situation. It's a reminder that age is but a number, and we are only as limited as we think we are.
Ophelia - Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' with a modern twist
OPHELIAShakespeare's 'Hamlet' with a modern twist
Fine by way of entertainment, but doesn't do justice to the intricacies of the original story. It's incredible in all elements of filmmaking, but lacks the true heart and layers of Shakespeare's work.
Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan - Close to home
An epic recount of the Battle of Long Tan with no Hollywood exaggerations. Kriv Stenders has created a film that explores inherent Australian values, history and entertainment.
The Wandering Chef - A delicious tale of human connection
THE WANDERING CHEFA delicious tale of human connection
This documentary is the perfect example of how a strong and gratifying narrative can leave technicalities and logistics in the dust.
Ladyworld - Experimental thriller not so thrilling
LADYWORLDExperimental thriller not so thrilling
The format of experimental thriller ends up hindering the message of the film, and after the initial shock of the film's controversy, it just gets predictable and hard to follow.
Claire Darling - A French film fail
CLAIRE DARLINGA French film fail
A challenging film with all the right elements and all the wrong delivery. It has all the makings of something great: characters with intriguing arcs, mystery, love and comical old people.
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