By Chris dos Santos
22nd May 2019

The term dog movie is often met with a sigma - whether it be a talking dog or a sad dog movie, there is a cheapness around that particular genre of film. But the reason they keep getting made is simple: the world loves dogs. Just like Jacob Leezak, who owns the Canine Behaviour Expert Dog Psychology Centre on the outskirts of Sydney. Jacob's love of dogs has taken his life in a whole new direction - he now recuses and rehabilitates dogs from all different walks of life.

Throughout this journey, we see the ups and downs of this lifestyle - not only for the dogs and the hard lives they've had, but also for the people who take care of them; it’s a 24 hour job. This isn't for everyone - in the documentary, Jacob hires an intern to live on site with them and they can't handle it and end up quitting; the lifestyle is full on. He himself lives on site with the dogs, where some are free to roam around, while some of the newer dogs are in cages until they have been fully trained to go out with the pack.


One thing I really loved about the doco is that it talks very honestly about owing a dog and the responsibly that entails. A lot of the dogs Jacob takes in are those ones whose parents brought them because they were cute, but because they are breeds that are known to be violent and without correct training and attention, these dogs can lash out, resulting in them being put in the pound and face being put down. There are some great teachable moments where the audience is taught how to correctly train dogs; it was something that a lot of people need to hear out loud. Having a dog isn't a part time job.

There have been many documentaries about dogs, but ‘Dog’s Best Friend’ shows what’s great about both the human spirit and the K9 friends we all love.

The film also dives into Jacob's personal life, including his future wife and child, and how those elements will change the business both negatively and positively. The film gives a really insightful look at the whole operation.

There have been many documentaries about dogs, but ‘Dog’s Best Friend’ doesn’t manipulate the audience. It just shows what’s great about both the human spirit and the K9 friends we all love.

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