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Ever since he popped in 'The Lion King' VHS, Chris has been infatuated with film. He has a Bachelor in Film and Television, and is currently a manger at Greater Union. Chris practically lives at the cinema; whenever he is working, he is there watching the latest films - good, bad and everything in between.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: Shawn Mendes, Janelle Monae, The Cast of High School Musical
TOP 3 MOVIES: Titanic, Gone Girl, Love, Simon
BEST CONCERT: Adele at ANZ Stadium
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Having to watch 'Bambi' whenever I couldn't sleep or was crying as an infant.

Yesterday - Great concept, disappointing execution
YESTERDAYGreat concept, disappointing execution
A genius idea that's turned it into a generic film. Both director Danny Boyle and writer Richard Curtis have proven their creativity before, but here it's just wasted along with everything else.
Men in Black: International - Wish we could memory wipe this one
MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONALWish we could memory wipe this one
It’s just another boring blockbuster using a nostalgic property to make a quick buck without understanding what made the lighting in a bottle that was the first film work.
The Secret Life of Pets 2 - Crowd-pleasingly generic... again
THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2Crowd-pleasingly generic... again
There are many, many worse films you could show you children if they like animals - it’s a harmless 90 minutes and its not like their aren’t laughs. It’s a shame the film isn’t a lot more creative.
Brittany Runs a Marathon - Literally run out to see this stellar comedy
BRITTANY RUNS A MARATHONLiterally run out to see this stellar comedy
Everyone across the board brings their A-game to bring this really fresh and heartwarming comedy to life. Put on your joggers and sweatpants to run out and see this one.
Mystify: Michael Hutchence - INXS lead singer still touching hearts years after his death
MYSTIFY: MICHAEL HUTCHENCEINXS lead singer still touching hearts years after his death
Hutchence's charm and impact on people will not wane. Whether it's to hear those songs again, remember the legend, or even to learn something new, this new documentary is worth seeing.
Skin - Inside the mind of white supremacists
SKINInside the mind of white supremacists
The film does leave it up to audience to decide how they feel about the whole story, but is worth checking out to start a conversation about these issues and whether a racist can really be changed.
My Name is Daniel - A step forward for disability representation
MY NAME IS DANIELA step forward for disability representation
This documentary offers an insightful look into living life with a physical disability, but its structure could use a little more work.
Only You - A romantic film that's not afraid to get real
ONLY YOUA romantic film that's not afraid to get real
A very emotional tale about a topic that isn’t talked about a lot on film, aided by great performances with fantastic chemistry.
The Wedding Guest - Cancelled due to boredom
THE WEDDING GUESTCancelled due to boredom
It isn’t the worst thriller of all time, it’s just dull and uninspiring. If you need to be reminded of Dev Patel’s talents then it's fine, otherwise you might want to attend a different wedding.
Aladdin - A whole new world of suffering
ALADDINA whole new world of suffering
The animated ‘Aladdin’ teaches lessons about love, friendship and most importantly, being yourself. The live action remake misses all that. Sadly, this is another empty shell of a classic Disney film.
Dog's Best Friend - Good boys, great doco
DOG'S BEST FRIENDGood boys, great doco
There have been many documentaries about dogs, but ‘Dog’s Best Friend’ doesn’t manipulate the audience. It just shows what’s great about both the human spirit and the K9 friends we all love.
Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion - 60 years on, Asterix is as fresh as ever
ASTERIX: THE SECRET OF THE MAGIC POTION60 years on, Asterix is as fresh as ever
If you're a fan of Asterix, it'll bring a smile to your face, but it's a must for any fans of animation.
Poms - Cheerleading has officially been cancelled
POMSCheerleading has officially been cancelled
It takes what sounds like an enjoyable time and turns it into a bunch of lazy clichés. Don't suffer through this one.
Long Shot - An unexpected pairing turns out to be a good time
LONG SHOTAn unexpected pairing turns out to be a good time
It may not be perfect, but Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron keep audiences invested. It’s not a game-changing rom-com, but its definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the genre or the cast.
The Curse of the Weeping Woman - Horrifically mediocre
This is a nice safe horror movie. It isn’t painful to sit through, nor is it game-changing, but you'll find it a fun sit, with some creative scares and decent acting.
Top End Wedding - Outback fantastic
TOP END WEDDINGOutback fantastic
It’s modern, it’s multicultural, it's finally an Australian film that is truly the Australia we live in today. Take your mum, your sister, your brother, your dog - this movie deserves a huge success.
Back of the Net - Misses the net, and then some
BACK OF THE NETMisses the net, and then some
It'll amuse pre-teen girls for 90 minutes before they forget it, but it never goes above that. It doesn’t succeed as cinematic film, nor is it so bad that it’s good; it’s mediocrity at its finest.
Breaking Habits - A strong woman, but a weak documentary
BREAKING HABITSA strong woman, but a weak documentary
This is an engaging documentary, but only scratches the surface. It’s a great underdog story, but only scratches the surface on the topic of legalising marijuana and the existence of the nuns.
Wonder Park - The park is closed indefinitely
WONDER PARKThe park is closed indefinitely
It so badly wants to be the next thing, but ‘Wonder Park’s' construction crumbles before it’s even begun being built. Take the kids to an actual theme park instead.
1985 - An emotional look at an overlooked past
1985An emotional look at an overlooked past
Transporting us back to 1985, the film may tackle sexuality and AIDS, but the ending is quite a beautiful message of hope for the future of the community. It’s a great film thanks to its performances.
Where Hands Touch - A romantic snooze
WHERE HANDS TOUCHA romantic snooze
While the premise is interesting, the film is very basic. Reading the Wikipedia article about biracial teens in WWII provides much more interest and engagement than anything ‘Where Hands Touch’ does.
Five Feet Apart - Breathing borrowed air and clichés
FIVE FEET APARTBreathing borrowed air and clichés
‘Five Feet Apart’ very clearly wants to be the next ‘The Fault in Our Stars'. While it will make its core demographic cry, it fails with its messy structure and genetic narrative.
The Man who Killed Don Quixote - Art imitates life
Terry Gilliam has reinvented history and iconic characters from the past before, but this isn’t worth the 29-year wait. While Adam Driver shines, the rest on the film needs another polish.
Fighting with my Family - A soap opera in spandex
FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILYA soap opera in spandex
While the underdog story often feels tried and done, this makes it feel fresh once again, largely thanks to its talent cast and hilarious and heartwarming script.
The Lego Movie 2 - Don't interrupt me when I’m spaceshipping!
THE LEGO MOVIE 2Don't interrupt me when I’m spaceshipping!
While 'The Lego Movie 2' isn’t as strong as the first, which was always going to be a hard feat, it still has laughs, a good message and fun and creative worlds.
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