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By Jess Fenton
6th August 2017

11 years ago, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore scared the shit out of us by (inconveniently) informing us that, in no uncertain terms, the world was dying - that we or our children would most likely be around to see it die and most importantly, it would be our fault. For his efforts Mr Gore received an Oscar, a Nobel Peace Prize, a couple of haters, many new followers, and the right to call Leonardo DiCaprio any time he wants - even if it’s just to say ‘Hi’. Meanwhile, we, in the subsequent years, suffered cold sweats, guilt, hotter summers, colder winters, unspeakable natural disasters and the realisation that this was a human issue and not a political one. Yet the problem was so big and so bad it could only be solved politically. The irony! Needless to say, it’s been a grim fucking decade, but lucky for us Al Gore has come back with ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’. Thankfully this time around it’s not such a cold, hard kick to the nethers, but a soft slap to the cheek and a casual shake of the shoulders to remind us that while there’s been progress, there’s still work to be done.


In ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’, “recovering politician” Gore is still at it with the slideshow, traveling the world spreading the word that the end in nigh and teaching others how to stop it. As a side project, he’s preparing for the Paris UN Climate Change Conference in November 2015. This is the event that brings about the landmark Paris Agreement. The focus is renewable energies - they are in existence, they are achievable, they will work. This conference also just happens to be scheduled on Friday November 13th when terrorists attacked the city in three locations, including the Bataclan Theatre during an Eagles of Death Metal concert. Gore was involved in a 24 hour livestream at the time. Watching him be informed of the attacks, address the crew with his condolences and then front a global live audience to inform them that they’ll be suspending the proceedings is nothing short of presidential. It’s emotional, difficult to watch, and makes you shed a tear for what this extraordinary man could have achieved should be have become President of the United States.

We devour so many movies about the end of the world and the heroes that stop it that we never stop to think that it’s actually happening all around us but there’s more than one hero in real life.

Al Gore is an incredible figure to behold. He’s able to command a room full of 150 heads of state despite not being one himself. He talks to people and not down to or at them. And his passion for the cause - one he’s been fighting for decades now - is awe-inspiring. He’s so likeable, loveable even, that the entire film is like a magic act - while you’re transfixed by the man and rooting for him to succeed, you’re actually getting a lesson on climate change, witnessing its awesome impact and inadvertently resolving to fix it.

We devour so many movies about the end of the world and the heroes that stop it that we never stop to think that it’s actually happening all around us - but there’s more than one hero in real life. ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ is a tale of just one such hero working to inspire the masses. This is his ‘Braveheart’ moment, and he’s just hoping everyone watching will charge into battle with him. This is the definition of a must-see film.

RELEASE DATE: 10/08/2017
RUN TIME: 01h 40m
CAST: Al Gore
Barack Obama
Donald Trump
Angela Merkel
Justin Trudeau
DIRECTORS: Bonni Cohen
Jon Shenk
PRODUCERS: Richard Berge
Diane Weyermann
SCORE: Jeff Beal
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