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By Charlie David Page
28th October 2013

In little more than twelve months, Bear's Den has come together, formed a strong musical identity, and travelled from the cosy UK to far-flung regions of the world, including Australia. It's an impressive feat for a band still in its infancy, and now comes the cherry on top - the release of their brand new EP, 'Without/Within'.

The offering is entirely well-rounded, best described as a folk epic. The use of banjo throughout is prolific, with string-plucking rampant amongst the ambling tales shared on the EP.


Opening track 'Sahara Pt i' fades in like a shimmering mirage on the horizon, an illusion of noise eventually joined by a gentle guitar. 'Pt II' takes us in a new direction, building on its predecessor to reveal a cavernous, electric song. Further in, 'Don't Let The Sun Steal You Away' is much more of a traditional folk tune, marching forth with a hefty bass drum beat and drenched in harmonies. On the other hand, 'Writing On The Wall' couldn't be any more different, with its entirely brazen demeanour and succulently addictive upbeat rhythm.

The comparisons will be unavoidable. Not only does lead singer Andrew Davie have a voice not dissimilar to Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody, but their entire musical schema is quite obviously within the folksy realm of Mumford and Sons (whom the boys toured with earlier this year). Yet there is much that sets Bear's Den apart - the juxtaposing tracks on 'Without/Within' proves their style can just as easily be sombre as it can be joyous.

The offering is entirely well-rounded, best described as a folk epic.

This isn't some artsy, abstract folk music group you're dealing with - the trio that makes up Bear's Den are serious musicians, who know precisely what they're doing. With a heady reputation for solid live shows, these guys are unmistakably worth keeping an eye on.

Like it? Follow it. Follow Bear's Den's Huddle at the top of this page (you'll have to sign in or join up first) for the latest tour details, news and reviews from the artist.

BAND: Bear's Den
MEMBERS: Andrew Davie
Kev Jones
FORMED: 2012
FROM: London
SOUND: Folk Rock
FACEBOOK: bearsdenmusic
TWITTER: @bearsdenmusic
INSTAGRAM: @bearsdenmusic
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