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By Jess Fenton
11th June 2014

After newly single mother of two Lauren goes on a disastrous date with widower father of three Jim, fate steps in and the pair find themselves roped together on a blended family vacation in Africa. Each gives their unique little families what the other is missing, and connections are inevitably made that rock their worlds.

Okay, so it’s another Adam Sandler movie, you may now begin the “Why do people keep giving him money?” conversation. Love him or hate him, you have to admit the majority of his films, well, suck and seem to be made purely for his entertainment. Yet it’s undeniable that throughout his colourful career, Sandler has given us two gems and both just happen to co-star him next to Drew Barrymore. By that logic, surely a third time around for this dynamic duo would once again strike gold - right?


It’s been 10 years since ’50 First Dates’ and 16 since ‘The Wedding Singer’, and in those production gaps Sandler and Barrymore have gotten older, married and procreated. These events change a person, and sadly our stars just don’t seem to have the same chemistry and panache others once envied.

For a film touted as a romantic comedy it’s... neither. The laughs are perfunctory and the romance is almost non-existent, supplied by the teenage characters better than our stars, who have fizzled into a brother/sister-type relationship.

If you’re looking forward to Sandler and Barrymore’s third union, best to put the car in reverse and revisit the first two classics.

RELEASE DATE: 12/06/2014
RUN TIME: 1h 57m
CAST: Adam Sandler
Drew Barrymore
Joel McHale
Chelsea Handler
Terry Crews
DIRECTOR: Frank Coraci
WRITERS: Ivan Menchell
Clare Sera
PRODUCERS: Jack Girraputo
Mike Karz
Adam Sandler
SCORE: Rupert Gregson-Williams
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