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By Jess Fenton
25th November 2012

The tween demographic is an interesting one. Filmmakers and marketers love them due to their excess levels of time to spend, short attention spans to occupy and disposable income to burn. However, they’re rarely given a specific look-in when it comes to movies - television yes, but films, no - they’re usually clumped together in the “...and it will also appeal to...” category.

So along comes ‘The OC’ and 'Gossip Girl’ creator Josh Schwartz in his feature film directorial debut, ‘Fun Size’. This painfully tween film is about 17-year-old Wren (Victoria Justice) who is forced to babysit her 8-year-old brother Albert (Jackson Nicoll) on Halloween while her mother (Chelsea Handler) goes out with Keevin, her 20-something boyfriend - the rebound guy, a result due of the loss of her husband a year ago. This change of plans horrifies Wren’s best friend, April (Jane Levy), as this could result in social suicide when they miss the party of the year that just happens to be hosted by the cutest guy is school, Aaron Riley. Albert eventually runs off, only to fall into the company of a nerdy heart-sick convenience store clerk, and later incurs the wrath of a very angry and bitter sleaze by the name of Jorgen (Johnny Knoxville). As Wren, April and the inevitable lonely-boy with a crush on Wren, Rossevelt (Thomas Mann) and his trusty sidekick Peng search for Albert, a night of wackiness ensues for all parties involved.


‘Fun Size’ is a poor-man’s modern day attempt at the 80s cult classic ‘Adventures in Babysitting’. The jokes attempted throughout the film are weak and can barely provoke so much as a smile as they all play too soft, too clichéd, too stupid and are borderline insulting to anyone’s intelligence - no matter their age. The only credit earned by the film is the ‘dead dad’ storyline that doesn’t play sappy or sentimental but rather surprisingly touching when it’s referred to in appreciated small doses.

For such in important movie-going demographic they deserve better. This one needed to stay on Nickelodeon's small screen and doesn't belong in the multiplex when there are so many better options - even for the 12-16 age bracket.

RELEASE DATE: 29/11/2012
RUN TIME: 1h 26m
CAST: Victoria Justice - Wren
Johnny Knoxville
Chelsea Handler
Jane Levy - April
DIRECTOR: Josh Schwartz
WRITER: Max Werner
PRODUCERS: Bard Dorros
David Kanter
Stephanie Savage
Josh Schwartz
SCORE: Lyle Workman
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