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By James Cerche
17th June 2013

'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' was one of the most intriguing and successful records of 2010, making many a list of favourite releases because of the sheer insanity of its content and the man who forged it. It was a bloated and sprawling record, possessed of an arrogance that was so infectiously endearing that it attracted music fans of all tastes and backgrounds. His sixth LP, appropriately titled 'Yeezus' (in a move so audacious that it surprised no one), is smaller and tighter than 'Twisted Fantasy', but even more arresting. At its core, it's dark minimal electronica propelled by a monstrous and ravening ego.

'On Sight' is driven by a frenetic electronic fuzz beat and as Yeezy rhetorically snarls, “How much do I not give a fuck?” It's hard not to believe him. Lyrically, all the typical pseudo-wisecracks and pop culture references are in place, and there's a thick coating of venom over his delivery throughout the record. It's simultaneously more dangerous and more tongue-in-cheek than ever before thanks to the urgency in the sounds and the bile in his mouth. 'Black Skinhead' recalls the industrial stomp of Marilyn Manson's 'Beautiful People', and is yet another anthem of self-praise over thundering drums and jungle-book howls.


West's familiar themes of excess and sensation come to a head on 'I Am A God', where he demands that they “hurry up with [his] damn croissants” before a unravelling into a storm of shrieking and synthesisers. Three tracks in, it's sheer madness. While less openly adventurous than 'Twisted Fantasy', the sonic palette on 'Yeezus' never feels stale and is constantly shifting to new heights (or depths) to match the crude and regularly dick-obsessed lyrics. Some stunning use of old school soul samples late in the record make for an album brimming with highlights that feel both fresh and familiar.

At its core, 'Yeezus's' dark minimal electronica propelled by a monstrous and ravening ego.

'New Slaves' is a central highlight amongst the rough diamonds that compose the tight 10 track record. Staccato synth blips lurching underneath smart, smart-ass lyricism. “I'd rather be a dick than a swallower” is a self-made admission that perhaps best defines the man who refuses to march to anyone's beat but his own.

'Yeezus' is a dirty, mean and violent record that makes for compelling listening, and is easily one of the most essential albums on the current cultural horizon. This man is batshit crazy, but that's exactly what makes this all so much fun. Get it as soon as you can and buy into the hype - it drops tomorrow.

ARTIST: Kanye West
BEGAN: 1996
FROM: Chicago
SOUND: Hip Hop
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