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By Jess Fenton
23rd August 2015

It’s been 14 years since Peter Bogdanovich’s quirky behind-the-camera brilliance graced the silver screen with 'The Cat's Meow'. ‘She’s Funny that Way’ is a nostalgic screwball Woody Allen like comedy where everything and nothing is happening all at the same time. Jam-packed with stars and antics, at a cool 93 minutes you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lull or moment to realise any flaws.

Famed theatre director Arnold Albertson (Owen Wilson) has an unusual habit: he likes to change lives - but not just any lives, the lives of call-girls by giving them $30,000 to give up their current “occupation” and use the money to pursue their true dreams and passions. On the eve of casting his latest play he meets escort Izzy (Imogen Poots), and after their encounter it turns out Izzy’s dream is to become an actress. Persuaded to cast her in his latest production by those not in-the-know, everything becomes an interconnected comedy of errors as the players struggle to hide the truth and indiscretions... many indiscretions from many parties - but all the while, the show must go on.

The whole film is one giant joke: a director, his wife, his mistress, the co-star, the playwright, the therapist, the stalker and the private eye walk into a bar...

It’s crass, absurd, witty, romantic, charming, hilarious and endearing like any good (Allen or) Bogdanovich film should be. With comedic star power coming out its ears including Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Hahn, Rhys Ifans and Will Forte, it’s a manic kaleidoscope of irreverent humour with a little something for everyone.

RELEASE DATE: 27/08/2015
RUN TIME: 1h 33m
CAST: Owen Wilson
Jennifer Aniston
Imogen Poots
Will Forte
Katherine Hahn
Rhys Ifans
DIRECTOR: Peter Bogdanovich
WRITERS: Peter Bogdanovich
Louise Sratten
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