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By Jess Fenton
2nd July 2012

‘Family Guy’ fans rejoice - Seth MacFarlane has hit the big screen. This long-awaited foray into the local multiplex refuses to go by unnoticed with MacFarlane’s signature acerbic humour riddling every frame of this “not suitable for children” movie, despite its lead and title character, Ted.

One average 80s day, a 10-year-old John Bennett wishes that his best friend Ted, a teddy bear, was real so that they could be best friends forever. Lo and behold, John’s wish comes true and after some initial shock and minor fame, John and Ted go on to live normal lives together. Fast forward to the present and John (Mark Wahlberg) is now a 35-year-old man child about to hit his four year anniversary with his ever-patient and understanding girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis). All Lori wants is for John to grow up and become the man he should be and she deserves, but in order to do that, the bear has to move on - and so sets forth a chain of hilarious events.


MacFarlane was clearly a kid in a candy store with this feature film playground. Unfortunately, what he needed were boundaries and discipline - not with his humour but his skills as a filmmaker. There are some story issues, structural issues and just general randomness that do the finished product a disservice. The film switches between the jokes getting in the way of the storyline to the storyline getting in the way of the jokes, but overall is a comedic delight for those into the MacFarlane thing. But the film isn’t all giggles - it does showcase a lot of heart, the brunt of which falls on Kunis’ shoulders, while Wahlberg and MacFarlane spend the bulk of their time getting baked on the couch and obsessing over the 1980’s film ‘Flash Gordon’ - like I said, randomness.

The film isn’t all giggles - it does showcase a lot of heart.

The movie pulls out the big guns with some truly fantastic cameos that are in no way wasted, as well as many MacFarlane family regulars displaying their talents in front of the camera instead of behind a microphone.

Seth MacFarlane’s humour may not be for everyone, however, take comfort knowing that it’s hard to be offended by it when everyone is offended by it - with everything from hookers to 9/11 getting a mention. No majority, minority, race or religion is off limits to his endlessly bad (yet genius) comedic taste. Also note that this is not, I repeat, not a children’s film. This is 100% adult-flavoured popcorn and definitely worth getting off the couch and missing the ‘Family Guy’ reruns for.

RELEASE DATE: 05/07/2012
RUN TIME: 1h 46m
CAST: Mark Wahlberg
Mila Kunis
Seth Macfarlane
Joel McHale
Giovanni Ribisi
Patrick Warburton
Matt Walsh
Jessica Barth
Aedin Mincks
Bill Smitrovich
DIRECTOR: Seth Macfarlane
PRODUCERS: Seth Macfarlane
John Jacobs
Jason Clark
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