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By Charlie David Page
18th October 2013

When The Head And The Heart's 2011 debut self-titled album hit the airwaves - and my earbuds - it was like being handed the keys to the city; it was a thoroughly engrossing and entirely satisfying offering in every way imaginable. Their superb harmonies and monumental folk-pop tales captured the minds of indie fans across the globe. A follow-up album has been a long time coming, and finally the anticipation is over - 'Let's Be Still' is almost upon us.

The first single to be taken from the album, 'Shake', is one of the few tracks with a real synergy with their earlier music. This upbeat harmony-laiden tune is one sure to stay with you, with its thoroughly addictive drum beat and underlying electric guitar.


'Homecoming Heroes' is a worthy opening track to the album, bringing a riotous rebellion song, while further on, 'Josh McBride' is a soft and sombre tune, banjo gently plucked and guitar lightly strummed. There's also the oddly-fitting yet inevitably addictive 'Summertime', where the distinctive feminine vocals of Charity Rose Thielen take the reins for the song's entirety.

Perhaps because of my love affair with The Head And The Heart, I'm a harsh judge on this new material. My biggest apprehension is that it lacks the optimistic beauty the first album so unashamedly contained. The raw, energetic feel once so utterly essential has been diluted; its force is not as flattening and its resound is not as lasting.

There is talent bursting from this collection of six musicians rarely displayed in modern music.

Though let's be honest, this is all pedantic nit-picking. Like an overbearing parent to their tyrannised child, I push the bar higher for this band because I care. As a stand-alone album, this is an entirely satisfactory offering. What has stayed with the group is its rough feel; hearing the music of The Head And The Heart is like hearing them live. There is talent bursting from this collection of six musicians rarely displayed in modern music.

Inevitably, the music of The Head And The Heart will grow on you. Given the chance, their unique sound and clever song-writing can win over even the most indifferent listener. The album 'Let's Be Still' may be a side-step from their older material, but it still offers the chance to escape into a world of folk harmonies and enchanting melodies.

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BAND: The Head And The Heart
MEMBERS: Josiah Johnson - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Jonathan Russell - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Charity Rose Thielen - Violin, Vocals
Chris Zasche - Bass
Kenny Hensley - Piano
Tyler Williams - Drums
FORMED: 2009
FROM: Seattle, Washington
SOUND: Indie Folk/indie Pop
FACEBOOK: theheadandtheheart
TWITTER: @headandtheheart
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