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By Charlie David Page
25th August 2015

The Paper Kites have been keeping themselves busy since the release of their critically-acclaimed debut album 'States' in 2013. There's been a lot of touring, but more importantly, they've been slowly but surely putting together brand new material for their next release - and the time has almost come for 'twelvefour' to be unleashed on the world.

And what an impressive offering it is. It really builds upon the strengths of 'States', whilst providing additional reinforcement with new techniques and touches, resulting in one solid album. There's touches of country, there's touches of Paul Kelly, there's touches of Crowded House, but it's still a distinctly unique sound. It lulls you into a subdued state, engulfs you in its silky sounds, and raises you high into the clouds.


'Electric Indigo' is a beautiful introduction to this work. As the first single off the album, I've been listening to this track for a while now, and it's safe to say it only grows on you over time. It's a slow indie tune with some insane reverb on the drum kit and a wild electric guitar solo; it's a powerful and mesmerising opening. Following up with a bit of a western theme, 'Renegade' uses some lazy electric guitar to bring the song to life; you can practically feel the heat.

Next up on the album is 'Bleed Confusion', offering a subdued piano which draws you up a winding path towards a sublime chorus. With a bit of an elevated tempo, 'Revelator Eyes' is a gentle country rock tune, rife with electric guitars. 'I'm Lying To You Cause I'm Lost' showcases singer Sam Bentley's gliding lyrics laid over animated guitars and a hint harmonica. Similarly, 'Woke Up From A Dream' serves up summery sounds and a seductive tune that you'll be tapping along to in no time.

There's touches of country, there's touches of Paul Kelly, there's touches of Crowded House, but it's still a distinctly unique sound.

This is a truly mature offering from The Paper Kites. It's delicate yet rigid, with a solid theme weaved throughout but with sufficiently separated songs so as not to get boring. There's an organic element to 'twelvefour', beautiful and alive, that makes it such a satisfying experience. Better still, the band is hitting the road again, and these guys sure know how to put on a show - and these tunes are just made to be heard live.

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BAND: The Paper Kites
MEMBERS: Sam Bentley
Christina Lacy
Dave Powys
Sam Rasmussen
Josh Bentley
FORMED: 2010
FROM: Melbourne
SOUND: Indie Rock / Folk Rock
FACEBOOK: thepaperkitesband
TWITTER: @thepaperkites
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