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By Jess Fenton
18th January 2015

The tale of The Wingman has been around for centuries. From Shakespeare’s works to Cyrano de Bergerac - and now, a short, black man by the name of Jimmy Callahan, played by Kevin Hart. Hart is one of the most prolific comedians working today. He’s one of the highest grossing stand-ups on the circuit and stars in hit film after hit film... in the United States. You may not know his name, but you definitely know his face. His projects may not have received the recognition expected here in Oz, but all of that’s about to change with ‘The Wedding Ringer’.

Lovable, wealthy schlub Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is just weeks away from marrying Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), the woman of everyone’s dreams. With no siblings and having moved around a lot as a child, Doug’s never had any real friends and finds himself in a web of lies when he promises his wife-to-be a best man and seven groomsmen. Enter Jimmy - the best-man-for-hire. Together Jimmy and Doug have to pull off the impossible “Golden Tux” package - convincing everyone, including the bride, that these merry band of misfit men are the best of friends and have been all along. Easy, right?


A 5’4” black man and a chubby Jew may smells of a comedy stinker, but this 'Wedding Ringer' is surprisingly comedy gold. Buddy films are all about the mismatch and allowing the wackiness to ensue. Here, Hart’s quick-witted, fast-talking brashness alongside Gad’s quiet irreverence is a perfectly balanced match made in heaven. They share great chemistry, along with their support cast Jorge Garcia, Affion Crockett, Aaron Takahashi and Alan Ritchson.

‘The Wedding Ringer’ will not go down as a classic, but it is highly enjoyable and delivers genuinely great laughs and good times. Mazel tov!

RELEASE DATE: 22/01/2015
RUN TIME: 1h 41m
CAST: Kevin Hart
Josh Gad
Kaley Cuoco
Olivia Thirlby
DIRECTOR: Jeremy Garelick
WRITERS: Jeremy Garelick
Jay Lavender
PRODUCERS: Adam Fields
William Packer
SCORE: Christopher Lennertz
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