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By Charlie David Page
7th May 2013

Three long years. That's the time we've endured without any new material from Vampire Weekend. Sure, they've hardly been in hiding - touring the world and recording take time. But earlier this year when the New York foursome released two tracks at SXSW, fans began their countdown to the release of 'Modern Vampires of the City'. That time is almost upon us.

Like a fine wine, the music of Vampire Weekend seems to improve with age, and the tracks from this album have grown on me over time. Certainly, my hesitance after first hearing 'Diane Young' has morphed into a ravenous addiction, now easily becoming one of my top songs from their latest album.


That's certainly not due to a lack of other impressive tracks. 'Modern Vampires' is clearly an evolution from the band's previous two albums, presenting a spectrum of songs to the listener. This time around, there's room for tunes with a marginally slower tempo, like the delicate piano-filled opener, 'Obvious Bicycle'.

If you're after something a little brighter, 'Unbelievers' offers some infectious organ and positively progressive rhythm, or keep an ear out for the tongue-twisting tune 'Worship You'. At the album's halfway mark, 'Everlasting Arms' is also a song to make you smile, with its bouncing drum beat and hopeful, uplifting lyrics.

One of the most immediately noticeable features of 'Modern Vampires' that distinguishes it from their past work is the heavy use of vocal filters throughout numerous songs. This effect can be a little hit and miss at times - where it works for singer Ezra Koenig's pitch-altered 'Diane Young' or the warped vocals of 'Step', the same can't be said for the album version of 'Hey Ya'. In fact, I can safely say I prefer their live rendition of the latter immensely more - so much so, it transforms the song into a personal favourite (check it out for yourself by listening to the video on the left).

Like a fine wine, the music of Vampire Weekend seems to improve with age.

For an album entitled 'Modern Vampires of the City', you'd assume a somewhat darker offering; rather, it seems to have more sunshine than their two previous LPs. Vampire Weekend have never been afraid to try something new, and this is no exception. Like any experiment, there are successes and failures - and without doubt, the end result of 'Modern Vampires' ticks far more boxes in the success category.

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BAND: Vampire Weekend
MEMBERS: Ezra Koenig - Vocals, Guitar
Rostam Batmangilj - Keyboard, Guitar
Christopher Tomson - Drums, Percussion
Chris Baio - Bass
FORMED: 2006
FROM: New York
SOUND: Indie Rock
FACEBOOK: VampireWeekend
TWITTER: @vampireweekend
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