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By Jess Fenton
22nd April 2012

When married parents of two, Alice (Felicity Price) and Dave (Joel Edgerton) join Alice’s sister Steph (Teresa Palmer) and her new beau Jeremy (Antony Starr) on a southeast Asian holiday, what could go wrong? The promise of sun, fun and lounging by the water are all fulfilled until the events of a single night sees the group return home to Australia minus one. What happened? Where did they go?

It’s these slow-burning questions which haunt ‘Wish You Were Here’ for almost it’s entire 89 minutes. The beauty of this stunning Australian film doesn’t lie in the ‘Where are they?’ or ‘What happened?’ - it’s in the impact those questions have on the lives of others. Taking a voyeuristic peek inside any marriage is fascinating enough, but add to it ignorance, guilt and betrayal, all played with mesmerising, intense and layered performances by the film's standout cast, and you have yourself one hell of a film.


‘Wish You Were Here’ slowly and brilliantly works through the unsettling events of that fateful night through to the present day and flashbacks. While trying to find the answer to one question, the audience is taken on an edge-of-your-seat journey that reveals so much more than they could ever have hoped for. The depth ‘Wish You Were Here’ goes to is deceiving in the best possible way.

Director Kieran Darcy-Smith, in his feature film debut, co-wrote the screenplay along with his wife Felicity Price. The pair’s bond to the project is obvious, with meticulous detail given to every frame in its visuals and dialogue as the story rounds curve after curve of intense drama. The whole film is an act to rival the world's best illusionists. Darcy-Smith has taken the art of misdirection to a whole new level and the accolades he and his cast and crew are sure to receive are well and truly earned.

This film is another notch is the Australian film industry's return to form and is not to be missed.

RELEASE DATE: 25/04/2012
RUN TIME: 1h 29m
CAST: Joel Edgerton
Teresa Palmer
Felicity Price
Antony Starr
Nicholas Cassim
DIRECTOR: Kieran Darcy-Smith
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