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By Chris dos Santos
28th April 2021

For the past couple years, what I dub the dude crime genre has really come into full swing. These heist films starring your typical tough guy - be it Gerard Butler, Mark Wahlberg or Jason Statham - and feel like something they film in between their blockbusters for a quick paycheck. Films like 'Triple 9', 'Den of Thieves' and 'Mile 22' come to mind. 'Wrath of Man' feels like a page ripped right out of this book, and adds absolutely nothing new to the genre.

In 'Wrath of Man', H (Jason Statham, 'Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw', 'The Meg') is a rogue with history; after losing people in his past, he gets a job at a cash truck company and is responsible for making secure deliveries between establishments and the company's base camp. But something seems askew, and we soon come to learn that his new job holds a connection to his past - as well as the key to him getting revenge.


The film is an American (or... I guess technically British) remake of the 2004 French film 'Cash Trucks', a title that makes more sense and isn't stupid.

'Wrath of Man' is simply everything all these other crime or heist films have been, taking themselves too seriously and becoming bland additions in the process. Being directed by Guy Ritchie gives the film a bit of style, and it offers some really decent cinematography, but it ultimately feels like this was dumped onto cinema-going audiences since 'The Gentlemen' was successful and his next film, 'Five Guys', just wasn't quite ready yet. A placeholder in the literal sense.

It ultimately feels like this was dumped out since 'The Gentlemen' was successful and his next film, 'Five Guys', just wasn't quite ready yet. A placeholder in the literal sense.

The film also plays out with a non-chorological plot, requiring you to fill in the blanks, but because the lead character is so cut off from the world it's hard to find a reason to connect with the film - and in turn, care. Add to the fact Statham is missing for large chunks of the narrative and it's hard to find a reason to be invested.

'Wrath of Man' isn't unwatchable, but there is no overwhelming reason to see it. Maybe if you're a die-hard Ritchie or Statham fan - but even then, they have done so much better together. It's truly just another passable, forgettable crime film.

Post Malone is in this briefly... that's all on that.

RELEASE DATE: 29/04/2021
RUN TIME: 01h 58m
CAST: Jason Statham
Alex Ferns
Holt McCallany
Scott Eastwood
Jeffrey Donovan
Laz Alonso
Josh Hartnett
Niamh Algar
Raúl Castillo
Post Malone
DIRECTOR: Guy Ritchie
WRITERS: Guy Ritchie
Ivan Atkinson
Marn Davies
Ivan Atkinson
Guy Ritchie
SCORE: Christopher Benstead
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