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Episode 21: The Disaster Artist, Only The Brave, The Man Who Invented Christmas, Wonder, Shot Caller, The Star, Sweet Virginia, National Theatre Live: Peter Pan
Charlie, Jess, Daniel and Jake discuss the week's films, share their secret shames by declaring the bad movies they love, and debate whether the duration of Hollywood blockbusters is getting too long.
The Disaster Artist
Only The Brave
The Man Who Invented Christmas
Shot Caller
▸ The Star
▸ Sweet Virginia
National Theatre Live: Peter Pan


▸ Australia is known for many achievements, and some not so known achievements - the funniest being we possess the biggest fandom of ‘The Room’, thanks to constant sellout monthly screenings at independent cinemas for the last 5 years... yes, we should be proud. This got us thinking - if the worst movie ever made can be beloved by millions, then what other terrible gems are we secretly (or not-so-secretly) loving?
▸ Have you ever been in a movie and felt like it’s just dragged on forever? Particularly with Hollywood blockbusters over the past few years, there’s been a misguided notion that people want to go to the movies for a long time, not a good time - with many movies pushing the three hour mark. There’s been a recent effort to reign in those exorbitant run times - but does a tight film make a good film?

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