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Episode 33: Game Night, Finding Your Feet, A Fantastic Woman, Winchester, 2:22, The BBQ
Charlie, Jess, Daniel and Chris discuss the week's films, check out the surprises at this year's BAFTA awards, revisit Oscars history to look at the most shunned movies we love, and ask if our pure imagination is ready for a third incarnation of 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'.
Game Night
Finding Your Feet
A Fantastic Woman
▸ Winchester
▸ The BBQ

Incredibles 2
The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society
The Breaker Upperers

▸ Earlier this week, the BAFTA awards brought us to the final step before the Oscars, and the winners were quite predictable - in fact, in a lot of cases, they mirrored what happened with the Golden Globes. We look at the winners and ask whether the Oscars follow suit, or surprise everyone?
▸ A recent Indiewire article delved into the greatest films of the 21st century that somehow missed out on a single Oscar nomination in their respective years. Now, with the 90th Academy Awards getting closer and closer, we thought it’d be a fine time to talk about our favourite films and their most infuriating misses.
▸ In 1971, audiences were invited to “view paradise” with ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ - the first big screen adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic. It was a box office flop, but found its place in our hearts, home movie collections and pure imaginations in the decades that followed. Then in 2005, Tim Burton (and Johnny Depp in an Anna Wintour wig) gave kids a chance to score a golden ticket once again. It was the remake no one wanted or asked for - it made millions, but not the cultural impact of its predecessor. Now it’s 2018, and a third adaptation is in the works, this time helmed by ‘Paddington 2’ director Paul King. It's been 13 years since we’ve visited the Oompa Loompas - is it time to explore the chocolate factory again?

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