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Episode 34: Red Sparrow, The Square, Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool, Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
Charlie, Jess, Daniel and Chris discuss the week's films, ask whether it was worth changing 'Lady Bird' to get it a lower classification rating, and share our hopes and dreams for this year's Oscar winners!
Red Sparrow
The Square
Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool
▸ Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

▸ Best F(r)iends

▸ In Australia, we’ve got a complicated history when it comes to film classifications and restrictions, and now the conversation's back thanks to 'Lady Bird'. With a particular perfect punchline mangled and a brief, emotionally resonant image of a penis removed, we get our Margaret Pomeranz on and talk about censorship.
▸ The most exciting date in the film buff calendar is only days away - but after one of the most exciting nomination line-ups in years, this year’s Academy Awards are looking to be a little predictable. So, to build our hopes, we’re going to name some of our dream Oscar winners from this year's nominees!

For the first time ever this year, we'll be broadcasting the Oscars live this year! Join Charlie, Jess and other SWITCH guests as we emote the highs and lows of this year's ceremony as they happen. Join us on Monday 5th March from 12pm AEDT by heading to www.maketheswitch.com.au.

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▸ Reviews of 'In The Fade' and 'Take Every Wave'

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