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Whilst undertaking his Bachelor of Digital Media, Brent became actively involved the arts industry, leading to a pursuit of producing and directing theatre and launching his company Twelfth House Productions. Recently he has turned to writing, where he draws from an early and long exposure and passion for the performing arts.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: Janelle Monae, Cosmo Jarvis, Dimitri Shostakovich
TOP 3 MOVIES: The Fall, East Of Eden, The Mummy (the Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz version)
BEST CONCERT: Alt-J's 2014 Emore Theatre show
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Being absolutely petrified by the cave of wonders in Aladdin and having to spend the rest of the film on my mother's lap.


CODA - Raise your hands in joy
CODARaise your hands in joy
It's hard not to walk away from 'CODA' without a smile on your face... and some moisture in your eyes. With authentic performances, storytelling and a whole lot of heart, it's a must-watch experience.
Mortal Kombat - Ready? Fight!
It's hyper-violent - something you would expect from what was basically the first very violent video game - and it doesn't hold back on the gore. It's camp fun that lives up to the video game.
Cowboys - Saddle up for an emotional ride
COWBOYSSaddle up for an emotional ride
A delicate, powerful and poignant film. It's a reminder that the innocence and acceptance children have is always a ray of hope against any intolerance and bigotry they may be born into.
The Big Trip - Should have stayed at home
THE BIG TRIPShould have stayed at home
It's a real shame when children's films don't give their target audience the credit they deserve. There isn't an original bone in the film's body.
The Queen's Corgi - Barking up the wrong tree
THE QUEEN'S CORGIBarking up the wrong tree
This is one film to skip if you're looking for an entertaining kids film. Definitely not one that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
The Professor and the Madman - Mel Gibson's dictionary origin story a dry read
THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMANMel Gibson's dictionary origin story a dry read
The cast - a who's who of British cinema - does an admirable job with the source material they are given, but who would have thought a film about how the dictionary was made would be dull?
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - Still shagadelic 20 years on
AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED MEStill shagadelic 20 years on
20 years later, the lasting cultural impact of the 'Austin Powers' franchise is still a force to be reckoned with. Brent takes a journey back to his childhood to share a cheeky story of its release.
X-Men: Dark Phoenix - Untapped potential
X-MEN: DARK PHOENIXUntapped potential
Drawn of clichés, a tired script and a tired cast, it’s a big wet flop of a film where it looked like the cast were just there to collect their cheques.
Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away - Not for meep
While the blend of live action and cutesy animation of the insect characters is wonderful and the soundtrack is outstanding, this film is best left to those seven years old and under.
School's Out - The children know too much
SCHOOL'S OUTThe children know too much
If you like being slightly uncomfortable for an entire film, 'School's Out' is for you - but maybe leave the kids at home.
Pokémon Detective Pikachu - Shockingly good fun
With enough twists and turns and heartfelt moments, it's a fantastic film that delivers more than you could ever expect. One might say it’s the very best, like no one ever was.
Tremors - The aftermath of drama
TREMORSThe aftermath of drama
A high drama that paints a grim picture of a religiously driven Guatemala, 'Tremors' is sure to leave you shaken.
Transmilitary - Powerful and Important filmmaking
TRANSMILITARYPowerful and Important filmmaking
Gut-wrenching, funny, poignant and important documentary making. It's an example of documentary making at its finest. It's urgent and unmissable. Do yourself a favour and see it.
The Happy Prince - Whimsical Wilde’s woeful washout
THE HAPPY PRINCEWhimsical Wilde’s woeful washout
Clearly a passion project for Rupert Everett, this is a faithful approximation of the last dark days of Oscar Wilde's life. It's definitely not your average "start from nothing, rise to fame" biopic.
Sunburn - Barely warm
SUNBURNBarely warm
there is something in their cinema-making that feels like it’s produced only for their cultural elite, and maybe that’s why ‘Sunburn’ will leave you cold.
Mortal Engines - A junkyard mess
MORTAL ENGINESA junkyard mess
In a world full of teenage post-apocalyptic stories, it's difficult to stand out from the pack. This is not the way to do it.
The Coming Back Out Ball Movie - Life's a ball!
It is timely and poignant but at the same time a most uplifting, bubbly and effervescent display of a community that, while it might has its flaws, is galvanised and strong.
Luis and the Aliens - Exceptionally-terrestrial
LUIS AND THE ALIENSExceptionally-terrestrial
The filmmakers didn’t understand that children are smart. Once the novelty of the cute and trying-to-be-charming aliens wears off, there is very little for these viewers who the film is intended.
Good Manners - Far from 'Twilight'
GOOD MANNERSFar from 'Twilight'
If bizarre, gruesome, sometimes lesbian, supernatural Brazilian films are your thing, 'Good Manners' will probably be right up your alley.
Ant-Man and the Wasp - Little film packs a big punch
ANT-MAN AND THE WASPLittle film packs a big punch
The big and small gags deliver like in the first film and it delicately treads between kitch, comedy, action and heartwarming moments.
Genesis 2.0 - The next age of man?
GENESIS 2.0The next age of man?
The duration of this documentary felt like more than its 112 minutes, and that’s a real shame. What should be the culmination of humanity and science falls very flat.
Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist - Punk's not dead
A truly inspirational and fascinating look into a style icon, this is the story of her life, and it is a fascinating life to witness.
Rampage - No monkeying about
RAMPAGENo monkeying about
An average action movie with Dwayne Johnson is almost becoming a genre unto itself, but it’s a genre that knows exactly what it is. Maybe that’s why it’s such an enjoyable guilty pleasure!
Pacific Rim Uprising - A flaccid mess
You are left sorely disappointed. When plot points seemingly contradict each other as well as the very laws of nature, you have to wonder if anyone actually said, “We sure about this?”
Blockers - Prom night disaster
BLOCKERSProm night disaster
This movie will leave you exceptionally well-entertained. It captures both the teenage and adult experience so successfully, and has a heart as big as John Cena’s hands.
Red Sparrow - Elegantly brutal
RED SPARROWElegantly brutal
This film is a long, slow and deep breath of fresh air in a genre that has become too reliant on fast-paced action and explosions. Jennifer Lawrence shows us more than we’ve ever seen of her before.
The Party - One decadent evening
THE PARTYOne decadent evening
A wickedly dark, funny and thought-provoking ride. Not a moment out of place or not needed - it’s a masterpiece, and a party you'll gladly want to attend again.
Maze Runner: The Death Cure - Dead end
‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ is a long and straight road to a predictable conclusion that will leave no one asking any more questions. What a dead end.
Mary And The Witch's Flower - More magic required
MARY AND THE WITCH'S FLOWERMore magic required
This is not a terrible time at the cinema, but is also not a particularly memorable one. Perhaps they should have used some of the Witch’s Flower to put a little more magic into this film.
Saturday Night Fever - Disco’s not dead!
The impact ‘Saturday Night Fever’ has had on pop culture is immeasurable. 40 years on, its music remains unstoppable, and is still one of the most purchased film soundtracks of all time.
Breathe - A long exhale
BREATHEA long exhale
Robin Cavendish lived a remarkable life and is a source of inspiration and hope, but there is something about 'Breathe' that sort of falls short, turning the breath into more of a yawn.
The Limehouse Golem - Here we are again
THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEMHere we are again
There is a definite charm around the film and you literally have every British actor who is alive right now in it. That said, I still don't think I know whodunnit.
Tom of Finland - The man behind the Icon
TOM OF FINLANDThe man behind the Icon
'Tom of Finland' is a very well-crafted biopic that delivers on all its promises - a slice of history that shows there is freedom and self-expression in art.
Atomic Blonde - Explosive fun
ATOMIC BLONDEExplosive fun
'Atomic Blonde’ is slick, fun and gripping spy movie that will have you going along for the ride. It's superbly acted, with a wonderful accompanying soundtrack.
A Monster Calls - A wonderful and important story
A MONSTER CALLSA wonderful and important story
'A Monster Calls' is an important film, giving children a point of reference to deal with grief, making and making adults cry uncontrollably. You should all go this beautiful film.
Dunkirk - Grand theatre of war
DUNKIRKGrand theatre of war
At the end of the day, 'Dunkirk' is a blockbuster. Probably one of the best blockbusters we've had this year, but I'd lower the expectations. It will make the whole thing more epic.
Men In Black - Back in black 20 years on
MEN IN BLACKBack in black 20 years on
Say what you will about 'Men In Black', it fulfils the alien action/adventure/comedy so well that it is as iconic as the agency (or lack of agency) that there is.
A Modern Man - A model life
A MODERN MANA model life
While this documentary is mostly a glory piece, if you like classical music and hot guys, you will enjoy 'A Modern Man’ - otherwise you might be left like I was, cold and unable to connect.
25 Years of Sister Act - Hallelujah!
Give me a fake nun and a bunch of musical numbers, and I am set to enjoy a film. Can you believe that ‘Sister Act’ is now 25 years old? Good Lord above!
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Still awesome
It’s a fun ride, full of action, groovy music and a whole lot of humour, 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' is the intergalactic adventure we all expect from this franchise.
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