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After watching 'The Social Network' in the dead of night, cinema has been ever-present for Connor. In the following years, he obtained a Bachelor's degree in film and television. Working as a camera operator, he’s travelled far and wide across the state filming soccer and rugby competitions.

Recently, he’s been navigating a career in reality television, working on programs such as 'Married at First Sight', 'Big Brother', 'Australian Survivor', and 'The Voice', among others. But above all, he waits patiently for the next DC Comics film, hoping for its success.

TOP 3 ARTISTS: Michael Jackson, John Mayer, The Beatles
TOP 3 MOVIES: Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Psycho
BEST CONCERT: The 1975 at the Hordern Pavilion in 2016
FIRST MEMORY OF A FILM: Being utterly entranced by the 1998 masterpiece ‘Toot Toot’ starring the Wiggles


The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent - Nicolas Cage in the role of a lifetime
THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENTNicolas Cage in the role of a lifetime
The film is a beautiful ode to one of cinema's finest performers. After years of seeing Nicolas Cage dazzle on our screens, it’s lovely to see Hollywood pay him the recognition he deserves.
Everything Everywhere All At Once - Out of this universe
It could have been a disaster in lesser hands. The fact that we are privy to a work that is inventive, frenetic, and unabashedly singular is nothing short of pure joy.
Morbius - Little to sink your teeth into
MORBIUSLittle to sink your teeth into
It isn't presented with any care - it's just a soulless effort manufactured in the hope that those who saw Spider-Man would flock to this too.
Red Rocket - Another American classic from Sean Baker
RED ROCKETAnother American classic from Sean Baker
It's an honest character study of an alarmingly shameless man brought to life by Simon Rex's magnetic performance.
Licorice Pizza - Paul Thomas Anderson's odyssey of growing pains
LICORICE PIZZAPaul Thomas Anderson's odyssey of growing pains
Paul Thomas Anderson's coming-of-age journey features both fresh-faced debutants and some Hollywood heavyweights to transport us to a world of lively characters and their madcap schemes.
Spider-Man: No Way Home - Something old, something new
SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOMESomething old, something new
It's trying to be more colourful, trying to be bigger, and trying to give its action more wallop. It doesn't always gel as nicely as it could, but the shift is welcome.
Spider-Man, ranked - Taking the ultimate spin!
SPIDER-MAN, RANKEDTaking the ultimate spin!
Connor rewatched and ranked all eight Spider-Man films as old and new prepare to come together.
The Card Counter - Not quite a jackpot
THE CARD COUNTERNot quite a jackpot
Few films can manage to make me alternate between feeling numb and awestruck. Everything is present for something dynamic, but we're only granted glimpses of that potential.
Halloween - Reliving the night he came home
HALLOWEENReliving the night he came home
Over 40 years on, the film still feels like a force of nature, eliciting something both subtle and primal. It gets in your bones, and it's rightfully a touchstone of horror.
Joe Bell - Mark Wahlberg's well-meaning but flawed crusade
JOE BELLMark Wahlberg's well-meaning but flawed crusade
In the pantheon of 21st century LGBTQIA+ cinema, this film can't hold a candle to an array of more thoughtful pieces. The crusade to tell Joe Bell's story must go down as a missed opportunity.
Pig - Another dazzling turn from Nicolas Cage
PIGAnother dazzling turn from Nicolas Cage
It explores our dreams, our pain, and our disparity when what we love is jeopardised. But the most rewarding aspect is seeing the tour de force on display from Nicolas Cage.
He's All That - A nightmarish makeover
HE'S ALL THATA nightmarish makeover
It's the Addison Rae movie pandering to the TikTok demographic, and little else. No one strived to make the film anything more than that.
Dear Comrades! - Motherhood versus the motherland
DEAR COMRADES!Motherhood versus the motherland
An effective and unforgiving look at a sickening moment in human history, though its messages remain timely, as seen through the eyes of a woman torn between motherhood and the motherland.
Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two - New villains, same problems
BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, PART TWONew villains, same problems
It doesn't match the animated versions of titles like 'Year One' or 'The Dark Knight Returns'; it's firmly in the middle. It's fine - no more, no less.
Till Death - Irreconcilable differences
TILL DEATHIrreconcilable differences
S.K. Dale delivers an edge-of-your-seat thriller with a killer turn from Megan Fox at its centre. Irreconcilable differences have never been so good.
Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One - Holiday blues
As an adaptation, it doesn't transcend its beloved material. Its intentions are valiant, but it isn't a film that will stand apart from a very extensive pack.
The Killing of Two Lovers - Heartbreak warfare
A richly told and deeply vulnerable film. A transfixing tale of love's ability to consume you, the dark things it can make you say and the even darker things it can make you consider.
Superman Returns - Truth, justice, and a complicated legacy
SUPERMAN RETURNSTruth, justice, and a complicated legacy
It may be imperfect, but it draws you in all the same. It's a superhero film with a soul, and to see an intellectual property as sacred as Superman be this human is intoxicating.
My Zoe - Can't handle the splice
MY ZOECan't handle the splice
'My Zoe' can't escape how confused it is when looking beyond. For all the moral questions it asks of what could happen in the future, it is almost without a pulse when removed from the present.
Breaking News in Yuba County - A very slow news day
A toothless farce with little comprehension for the rules of its game. Like most Tate Taylor films of late, it's a film that bears an unhealthy resemblance to its antecedents but very little of their verve.
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