By Chris dos Santos
14th September 2019

Do you remember your first kiss? The first time you learned the "f" word, or about sex? What about your first group of friends - did they live around the corner from you, did you go to school with them? Just reading that, wasn’t it nice to think back to those sweet, innocent times right before you hit high school? ‘Good Boys’ is a new raunchy comedy that takes us back to those sweet old days.

The Bean Bag Boys have grown up together, and two weeks into Year 6 (first year of middle school in the U.S. school system) and the boys are already starting to learn a lot of new things, taking their first sips of beer, as well as swearing. But when Max (Jacob Tremblay, ‘Wonder’, 'The Book of Henry', ‘Room’) is invited to his first kissing party by the popular group and the his crush Brixlee (Millie Davis ‘Wonder’, TVs ‘Orphan Black’) is going to be there, it's time for the Bean Bag Boys to learn how to kiss - among other things. After their first viewing of porn doesn’t go to plan, they decide to use a drone to spy on their next-door neighbour Hannah (Molly Gordon ‘Booksmart’, ‘Life of the Party’), but they're caught by Hannah and her friend Lilly (Midori Francis, ‘Ocean’s Eight’, TV's ‘Gotham’), and through a series of misadventures the boys have ended up with the girls' drugs and the girls have their drone, so hijinks ensue on their journey to catch each other.


From start to finish, this is just one of those films of non-stop laughs, and big ones too. It's so delightful to go to a comedy and smile from ear to ear, especially with the continued drabness of 2019 films. The three boys, Tremblay, Keith L. Williams (TV's ‘The Last Man on Earth’) and Brady Noon (TV's ‘Boardwalk Empire’) all have flawless chemistry. They feel like a real group of childhood friends. Gordon and Francis as the girls chasing after them are just hilarious; for a fairly simple role, they use every chance they get to bring out the biggest laugh for the scene. Lucas’ Mum and Dad are portrayed by Retta (TV's ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Good Girls’) and Lil Rel Howery (‘Get Out’, ‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’), and they really do take the cake in terms of supporting cast, even if I wish they had more screen time. There are so many little funny throwaway lines or looks that really keep the comedy rolling until the credits.

From start to finish, this is just one of those films of non-stop laughs, and big ones too.

Having Seth Rogen (‘Long Shot’, ‘The Interview’) and Evan Goldberg (‘This is the End’, ‘The Night Before’) producing is a good indication of whether you will like this film. The pair rarely disappoint me, and this was another really fun addition to their filmography. Once again, their film takes place in a fully realised world where every single character - big or small - feels like a real person, helping to add another layer to the comedy. Of course, this film is dirty both in its language and content, so if you're not someone who likes this kind of content, this won't be the film to change that.

Most of the comedies that I love have an element of emotional weight, and ‘Good Boys’ is no exception. The film has some really bittersweet conversations about losing friendships and growing up that are sure to hit home for a lot of people. It helps push the film to the next level, and was something I really adored.

It seems to save comedy in 2019, all you have to do is have a story focused on a long friendship that involves them going to their first party, feature the song ‘Nobody Speaks’ by Shadow featuring Run the Jewels, and use Lizzo’s ‘Boys’ in your marketing - plus have Molly Gordon in a minor role.

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