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By Jess Fenton
19th April 2018

Why do I always get the "controversial" films? I'll admit this one is eye-rollingly controversial, i.e. - people are offended based on little to no information, and it's due in part to the off-the-mark advertising campaign, but alas the internet chatter is there. Thank god I'm here to dispel it all and tell you to go have yourself a good time at the flicks giiirl!

Renee (Amy Schumer, 'Trainwreck') works for her dream company - cosmetics powerhouse Lily LeClaire - run by the epitome of style, beauty and social achievement Lily (Lauren Hutton, 'American Gigolo', '54'), CEO Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams, 'All the Money in the World') and her hot brother Grant LeClaire (Tom Hopper, 'Game of Thrones', 'Black Sails'). However, she works in the two-person two-bit online operation in a Chinatown basement while she lusts after an HQ job, but lacks the confidence to go after it. When Renee ends up with a nasty concussion and fun dose of delusion thanks to fall and head knock during a spin class, she leaves believing she's been magically transformed into the most beautiful woman in the world. Now armed with the confidence of all the Kardashians combined, she starts to dominate her personal and professional life with a new job and a new man (Rory Scovel, 'The House'). But with change comes sacrifices, and Renee has to learn the hard way what hers are and whether or not the "magic" will last.


In this new age of female empowerment, 'I Feel Pretty' couldn't have come at a better time - plus with female co-writer/co-director Abby Kohn ('How to be Single') on the bill and a strong message, prepare to hear the women roar!

Despite appearances, 'I Feel Pretty' isn't about body-shaming or anything of that nature - this is about the power of confidence, self-esteem and believing you can get and deserve everything you want. How many times have we told ourselves or our friends to walk into a job interview, a room, an intimidating situation like we "own it" in order to dominate and achieve? All the bloody time! This movie is that, just on a big screen. No woman of power in the film - Lauren Hutton as company President, Michelle Williams as CEO or Naomi Campbell (hello!) playing a CFO - use their position or power to belittle, intimidate or undermine our protagonist. In fact, it's quite the opposite. They let her character shine, speak for herself, and give her credit where credit is due. I'll admit it was a bit of a shock and a little disarming to see such things. I don't think it's been done before. And that realisation is sad but ultimately uplifting and inspiring. We want more!

This is about the power of confidence, self-esteem and believing you can get and deserve everything you want.

'I Feel Pretty' is cute and fun, but doesn't quite deliver the laugh-out-loud good times we've come to expect from Schumer and her support cast, including Busy Philipps and SNL cast member Aidy Bryant. It's a great one to see with the girls and anyone in need of a value boost (holla!) but in terms of a great comedy, it's not this one. But when you walk out feeling great about yourself and with a smile on your face, who cares that your sides are still intact.

RELEASE DATE: 19/04/2018
RUN TIME: 01h 50m
CAST: Amy Schumer
Michelle Williams
Rafe Spall
Emily Ratajkowski
Tom Hopper
Lauren Hutton
Adrian Martinez
Rory Scovel
Chloe Hurst
Caroline Day
Marc Silverstein
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