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By Lily Meek
19th March 2020

I hope Roy Orbison's hit classic 'Oh! Pretty Woman' started playing in your head, I hope you pictured a red dress and Harry Winston diamonds, walking on grass, gourmet dinners and Hollywood Boulevard. I hope you read 30 years and exclaimed out loud, "No! Surely, it hasn't been!" But it has. 30 years since this darling romantic film 'Pretty Woman' hit cinemas in all its vibrancy, humour and fun. If you haven't seen it yet, then big mistake! Huge.

'Pretty Woman' features rom-com duo, Julia Roberts ('Notting Hill,' 'Eat, Pray, Love') and Richard Gere ('The Runaway Bride,' 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'). Directed by Garry Marshall ('The Princess Diaries), it really is the modern-day Cinderella. Smitten with a sex worker he meets on Hollywood Boulevard, Edward invites Vivian back to his hotel to fill a need for his business adventures. Turns out when a beautiful, witty woman spends the week with you in a hotel room, you develop other, of course!


The greatest thing about 'Pretty Woman' is its universal appeal. Last week, a miracle happened. I popped on 'Pretty Woman' and after watching for a few moments... my boyfriend joined me on the couch to watch. Now, I'm going to put it down to great writing, and not a 21-year-old Julia Roberts. The writing, the dialogue, the onscreen chemistry is perfect down to a T. When you read up on 'Pretty Woman,' the anecdotes and stories on set are fun, with Marshall making room for improv and even pranks. The great thing about having a close cast and crew is that the creation of the film becomes fun - and it totally translates. Right down to the non-scripted moment where Gere closes the Harry Winston box on Roberts' hand, perhaps the most poignant moment of the movie.

The film is cheeky whilst also leaving room for audiences to say "awwww". It plays with double entendre, sex, pun and pure wit.

The film is cheeky whilst also leaving room for audiences to say "awwww". It plays with double entendre, sex, pun and pure wit. It doesn't shy away from being politically correct, and displays Vivian as strong and knowing what she wants. It's an allegory for all the women who easily get looked over - but, also for the men who think they're doing the right thing. It's so progressive for its time.

Going back to its reach, 'Pretty Woman' is the film for mothers and daughters, partners, friends, even dudes. Its credibility is solidified by the fact that, even today, it plays on Friday night TV and still makes you laugh. It doesn't beat around the bush, it's honest, and its message extends to the humanity of ladies of the night. The fact that this film gets me so excited (I could almost pee my pants) 30 years on is a testament to its great story, characters and filmic fun.

RELEASE DATE: 23/03/1990
RUN TIME: 1h 59m
CAST: Richard Gere
Julia Roberts
Ralph Bellamy
Jason Alexander
Laura San Giacomo
Alex Hyde-White
Amy Yasbeck
Elinor Donahue
Héctor Elizondo
Judith Baldwin
DIRECTOR: Garry Marshall
PRODUCERS: Arnon Milchan
Steven Reuther
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