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By Jess Fenton
9th March 2018

Have you ever had one of those impossibly fun nights out where everything just clicks - the company, the music, the stories, the laughs? Well, that night has just become a feature film. We know Aussies are great storytellers, great comedians and great drinkers. Put all those things together and you get ‘That’s Not My Dog!’.

All around fun-loving Aussie bloke/actor/comedian/Kenny, Shane Jacobson has a stroke of genius: as a love letter to his father - “the funniest guy I know” - Jacobson assembles 30 comedians and comedic performers at a BBQ in country Victoria where they spend the night telling what we would refer to as “pub jokes”. The likes of Paul Hogan, Fiona O’Loughlin, Michala Banas, Marty Fields, Christie Whelan Browne and Tim Ferguson (just to name a few) are all in attendance, armed with their best jokes. And all of this is set to the live soundtrack of The Black Sorrows and Russell Morris, among others. With a beer in one hand, a joke in the other and surrounded by your funniest mates, it doesn’t get much better - or more Australian - than this.


With almost 100 jokes told in just under 90 minutes, this is a non-stop laugh-fest. Admittedly not all are diamonds, but the vibe and atmosphere created here is so fantastic you'll forgive the minor lapses in hilarity.

Beautifully shot by cinematographer Roger Lanser (2006's ‘As You Like It’, ‘Charlie and Boots’), this impressive cinematic feat of one-take wonders shot over just four days - the BBQ portion over a single night - is sure to leave you in stitches and feeling a million bucks.

With almost 100 jokes told in just under 90 minutes this is a non-stop laugh-fest.

And for those wondering about its limited and short release schedule - as it was explained to me and my fellow audience members at our advanced screening, this is essentially live comedy and therefore needs to be viewed as a collective experience. Imagine going to a Rolling Stones concert with only four other people. It would suck. Hence, a short stint at the cineplex ensures large audiences and a better time... makes sense to me. Plus, if the hints indicated by Shane Jacobson himself are true, if all goes well here, this will not be the last ‘That’s My Dog!’ on the cards. Fingers crossed.

RELEASE DATE: 15/03/2018
RUN TIME: 1h 28m
CAST: Paul Hogan
Shane Jacobson
Michala Banas
Shane Jacobson
Robert Mond
Dean Murphy
Steve Vizard
Fiona O’loughlin
Tim Ferguson
DIRECTOR: Dean Murphy
WRITERS: Shane Jacobson
Robert Mond
Dean Murphy
PRODUCERS: Shane Jacobson
Dean Murphy
Want more? Listen to our discussion of 'That's Not My Dog!' on SWITCHCast 
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