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DE GAULLE (2021)
Starring Lambert Wilson, Isabelle Carré, Olivier Gourmet, Laurent Stocker, Gilles Cohen, Philippe Laudenbach, Tim Hudson, Andrew Bicknell, Nicolas Robin and Marilou Aussilloux. Directed by Gabriel Le Bomin.

It is May 1940, where the war between Germany and its neighbours has intensified. Shockingly, the French army collapses, and Hitler seizes Paris. The government is in panic and considers accepting defeat, but recently promoted two-star General Charles de Gaulle, wants to change the course of history...

His wife, Yvonne, is his first support, but very quickly events spiral out of control and separate them - she and their children set out on the roads of exodus, as Charles travels to London to meet with Winston Churchill. He wants to make another voice heard: that of resistance.

REVIEWS De Gaulle - Historical biopic on Free French leader

Starring Kad Merad, Marina Hands, Laurent Stocker, Pierre Lottin, Wabinlé Nabié, Aleksandr Medvedev, Saïd Benchnafa, David Ayala, Mathilde Courcol-Rozès and Sofian Khammes. Directed by Emmanuel Courcol.

Disillusioned and divorced middle-aged thespian Étienne accepts an arts rehabilitation role, leading a theatre workshop group at a correctional facility, under the watchful eye of open-minded but cautious warden Ariane. His program attracts a motley group, and Étienne, surprised by the raw talent he unearths, comes up with the idea of workshopping Beckett’s 'Waiting for Godot'. To the surprise of many, the play’s existential themes prove to be a natural fit for the inmates, and the connection between the cast and their kind-hearted director grows stronger with every rehearsal... though not without exception, and some very unexpected ramifications.
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