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Starring Luca Marinelli, Jessica Cressy, Vincenzo Nemolato, Marco Leonardi, Elisabetta Valgoi, Pietro Ragusa, Carlo Cecchi, Aniello Arena, Chiara Francini and Rinat Khismatouline. Directed by Pietro Marcello.

Thirty-something sailor Martin Eden is inspired to remake himself as a novelist, following a chance encounter with the sophisticated, wealthy Elena. She immediately becomes not only the object of his passionate affections, but also the symbol of the status Martin aspires to achieve. Pursuing his newfound social and literary obsessions, Martin abandons his friends and working-class roots without hesitation, but eventually undergoes a political awakening that triggers yet another change.

REVIEWS Martin Eden - A frustratingly dull portrait of an artist as a young man

Starring Joe Pantoliano, Paula Brancati, Wendy Crewson, Tony Nardi, Tony Nappo, Franco Lo Presti, Kevin Hanchard and Marco Leonardi. Directed by Sean Cisterna.

A downtrodden CEO experiencing a moral crisis that travels back to Italy to re-calibrate his moral compass.

He discovers new life by reviving his Nonno's old vineyard, offering the small town of Acerenza a sustainable future and reconnecting with his family in the process.

Combining magic realism and Italian neorealism, and set against the backdrop of wine country Italy, the film is about finding your roots in your family when you're at the bottom of the barrel.

Starring Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer, Mark Wahlberg, Romain Duris, Charlie Plummer, Charlie Shotwell, Timothy Hutton, Olivia Grant, Marco Leonardi and Andrea Piedimonte. Directed by Ridley Scott.

A left-wing paramilitary organization in Italy hatches a massive kidnapping plot in the 1970s.

REVIEWS All the Money in the World - No amount of recasting could save this film

Starring Philippe Noiret, Jacques Perrin, Marco Leonardi, Salvatore Cascio, Agnese Nano, Antonella Attili, Enzo Cannavale, Isa Danieli, Leo Gullotta and Pupella Maggio. Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.

A filmmaker recalls his childhood, when he fell in love with the movies at his village's theater and formed a deep friendship with the theater's projectionist.
Starring Marco Leonardi, Peppino Mazzotta, Fabrizio Ferracane and Barbora Bobulova. Directed by Francesco Munzi.

Luciano, eldest of the three Carbone brothers, has turned his back on the drug operation that provided the family’s stature and wealth. Having washed his hands of the family, he now seeks a simple life with his wife and 20-year-old son Leo, raising goats in their ancestral town of Africo in the Calabrian hills.

The problem is that the bored and restless Leo idolises his two charismatic, big-shot uncles Luigi, still deeply involved in the narcotics trade, and Rocco, the bespectacled mastermind of the family business.

One night young Leo’s impulsive reaction to a trivial argument changes the course of all of their lives, pulling all three brothers into a simmering feud that threatens to explode.


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