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Starring Judi Dench, James D'arcy, Jim Broadbent, Eddie Izzard, Carla Juri, David Schofield, Kevin Eldon, Nigel Lindsay, Maria Dragus and Franziska Brandmeier. Directed by Andy Goddard.

Summer 1939. Influential families in Nazi Germany have sent their daughters to a finishing school in an English seaside town to learn the language and be ambassadors for a future looking National Socialist. A teacher there sees what is coming and is trying to raise the alarm. But the authorities believe he is the problem.
Starring Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Joe Alwyn, Maria Dragus, Martin Compston, Jack Lowden, Guy Pearce, David Tennant, Brendan Coyle and Gemma Chan. Directed by Josie Rourke.

Queen of France at 16 and widowed at 18, Mary defies pressure to remarry. Instead, she returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. But Scotland and England fall under the rule of the compelling Elizabeth 1. Each young Queen beholds her “sister” in fear and fascination. Rivals in power and in love, and female regents in a masculine world, the two must decide how to play the game of marriage versus independence. Determined to rule as much more than a figurehead, Mary asserts her claim to the English throne, threatening Elizabeth’s sovereignty. Betrayal, rebellion, and conspiracies within each court imperil both thrones – and change the course of history.

REVIEWS Mary Queen of Scots - Shallow regal intrigue

Starring Adrian Titieni, Maria Dragus, Lia Bugnar, Malina Manovici, Vlad Ivanov, Gelu Colceag, Rares Andrici and Ioachim Ciobanu. Directed by Cristian Mungiu.

Romeo Aldea is a frustrated and unful lled middle-aged doctor living in a small mountain town plagued by corruption. He wants a better life for his gifted daughter Eliza, raising her to believe that she will leave her home behind to go to university abroad, and live the life he always wished for himself.

His plan is close to succeeding - Eliza has won a scholarship to study psychology at Oxford in the UK, but she has to pass her final exams – a formality for such a good student. However, the day before her rst exam, Eliza is assaulted in an attack that could jeopardise her entire future. Now Romeo – a man of strong principles – has to make a decision. There are ways of solving the situation, but none of them use the values he has instilled in his daughter.

REVIEWS Graduation - The role of a parent left unexplored

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