By Chris dos Santos
12th April 2020

It's 4/20 all month long - so celebrate Seth Rogen's birthday the only way he knows how! Let's look back at the man whose career is almost as dope as he is, as we rank his films based on how high he was when he made them.

This is one of the blandest Disney remakes in the cannon, so of course it made the most money. In my opinion, the only good aspect of the film is Timon and Pumbaa thanks to the fantastic casting of Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen. That's all I really have to say about this hack of a film.

While often regarded as one of Sandler's best performances, both Rogen and Leslie Mann round out this trio in Judd Apatow's look at the life of a famous comedy actor. The film echoes Sandler's real life film career and is a really beautiful behind-the-scenes look at a worn-out movie star.

Ah, 'The Guilt Trip' - what a mess. Could this have been a good movie? No, but it didn't have to be as bland as it turned out to be. Teaming up Rogen with Barbra Streisand could have been some dumb fun, but it's just a generic mess. Streisand has not appeared in a film since 2012, and while she has a small filmography, that kind of speaks to how badly this film did.

'Knocked Up' marks Rogen's leading man debut and is easily one of my favourite roles of his; he perfected that pothead we know and love, but also brings his charming self to light. After a one-night stand with Alison (Katherine Heigl), Ben (Rogen) gets her pregnant and now for the first time in his life has to man up and start taking responsibilities for his actions. This film is also directed by Judd Apatow and he is one of my favourite directors; it offers all the comedy gold of his films with that heart that he injects to make his films a step above the rest.

Hands down my favourite of this group of actors, I love this movie. To have a group of actors come together and basically make fun of themselves for it - and to be as successful and as funny as it turned out to be - is an achievement. The endless cameos, especially the final scene, it's another classic Rogen and gang comedy.

This franchise has to be very underrated; Rose Byrne and Rogen are really funny as a new couple starting a family. Zac Efron also proves he can do comedy (though this was disproved with 'Baywatch' and the godawful 'Dirty Grandpa'). It's hard to talk about a good comedy, but out of all the Rogen films on this list I recommend checking out 'Bad Neighbours' and its sequel - it might surprise you and give you a good a laugh.

The film has such a big legacy behind it, though I think we have all forgotten what happened. Due to the depiction of Kim Jong-un in the film, threats of bombing screenings showing the film came from North Korea, which in turn caused Sony to pull the release, after it had already being delayed to "tone it down" to avoid confrontation. What happened to 'The Interview' is kind of similar with what has happened to many films due to the Coronavirus - it was released early on digital. This actually caused a lot of backlash - including from President Obama - the film at the centre of the Sony email hack, and an adaptation of graphic novel 'Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea' set to star Steve Carell was pulled. The film still received a theatrical release here in Australia. As for the film itself, it's funny and I enjoyed it, but it's not something that was worth all this fuss over. The film will go down in history for its release, but as for the film itself, it's a weaker but enjoyable venture from Rogen/Franco.

I personally just wanted to include this one; I watch it every Christmas, and it's just one of those really funny Christmas movies... with some added swearing and drug use. Rogen teamed up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie, and it really works. It's the perfect mix of holiday cheer for Generation X and younger.

While more a James Franco joint, Rogen plays 'The Room' script supervisor, Sandy Schklair. If you don't know about Tommy Wiseau and his legendry film 'The Room', 'The Disaster Artist' does work better if you know the original film, but it might be worth checking out as an introduction to the maddens that is the 'The Room' to discover how the worst film of all time got made. You're tearing me apart!

'Long Shot' really cemented something none of us were ready for from Seth Rogen... sex icon. Along with a GQ cover last May, the internet changed its tune on something deep down we have all known: Rogen is kind of hot. The film is really his first full out romantic comedy, and he and Charlize Theron have some really strong chemistry. The film is everything you would want from the duo; it's funny and cute.

'Freaks and Geeks' is that cult classic show. So many fantastic actors got their start on this short-lived series - not only Rogen but friend James Franco and Jason Segel. The show also helped launch director Paul Feig's career and helped push Judd Apatow further into the limelight. It's that perfect lighting in a bottle that only comes along every so often, even if only briefly. There is a reason we keep going back all these years later.

While Rogen only has a small role in the film, 'Superbad' has to be his most definitive film. Based on his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, and his actual high school years, as Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) are about to go off to different colleges when Jules (Emma Stone, in her film debut) invites them to a party at her house. They then team up with Fogell "McLovin" (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), who has a fake ID to get alcohol - and what ensues in one wild night. 'Superbad' is one of the most iconic comedies of all time; you just have to say the name and people will quote the film start to finish.

Every actor has that film that defines their identity, and for Rogen it has to be 'Pineapple Express'. While we had seen him as a pothead before, 'Pineapple' really linked his identity to that persona. It's another highly quotable film, and the first that bundled Rogen and Franco as the duo we know today. Wildly, Franco got a Golden Globe nomination for his performance, which almost unheard of for this type of comedy.

SAUSAGE PARTY (Reefer Madness)
Oh, 'Sausage Party', what a wild time - the first R-rated computer-animated film that overtook 'South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut' for the highest-grossing R-rated animated film of all time. At a supermarket named Shopwell's, all the grocery items are "alive" and believe they are chosen by shoppers to go to the "Great Beyond". When Frank (Rogen), a sausage, and his girlfriend, Brenda (Kristen Wigg), a bun, are chosen, they along with their friends realise that humans are consuming the food, thus killing their friends, sending Frank on a wild quest to warn the others about the truth of the Great Beyond. This is just a complete trip of a movie, with some of the craziest imagery you've ever seen animated. They really went as far as they could, from sex scenes to drug use to death - and, of course, an Alan Menken musical number. I can't say it's a movie you need to rewatch... maybe just watch the trailer and remember all the madness of this experience.

What's next for Mr Rogen? He and Goldberg have written a new comedy 'An American Pickle' due out later this year (maybe), and he's also set to voice an alien in the Amazon Prime show 'Invincible', also due out later this year. I think while Rogen has started to drive into more dramatic material such as 'Steve Jobs', '50/50' and 'Like Father', he's yet to hit that Sandler-like 'Uncut Gems' critical darling. He will always be that loveable stoner, but I'm excited to see more of both his acting and writing talents in the coming years. Dedicate this very special 4/20 to the comedy that is Seth Rogen.

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