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By Kate Smith
19th April 2016

‘Captain America: Civil War’ is the 13th film the in Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first in Phase Three of Marvel’s ongoing release schedule. As a result, ‘Civil War’ not only builds on the 12 films that preceded it, but introduces a host of new characters and new conflicts to the MCU.

Phase Three will add Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man to the MCU after hinting at these characters for some time in other films. Stephen Strange was mentioned in ‘Winter Soldier’ while ‘Ant Man’ spent a good deal of energy to set up its next chapter in Evangeline Lily’s Wasp. This all seems very interesting, but what’s puzzling me is the introduction of Spider-Man.

Spider Man has his own Universe, his own set of (rather rubbish) films. To me, adding him to the current MCU seems like an unnecessary gimmick that lowers the tone significantly. It seems to be taking its lead from the not-so-great example of ‘Batman v Superman’ and we all know how that’s turned out (Hello darkness my old friend…). Spider-Man’s films have so far been separate to the MCU, as none of the previous 12 movies or TV shows have mentioned him at all. Now, all of a sudden, he’s popped up rather tardily in Phase Three, and even has a new film planned for next year. Many of you out there might have some insight into why this is, and very different opinions to mine. Please help me out here, because while I’m not a fan of Spider-Man, maybe you can explain to me why he should be added to the MCU when he was doing just fine out on his own (well, not really, but anyway).


The real attractions for Phase Three have to be introduction of not only Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, but also Captain Marvel. Cumberbatch will undoubtedly be fantastic as Strange, but while the actress to take on the role of Captain Marvel has not yet been announced, I’m pretty darn excited to find out who it will be. Comment if you have a suggestion as to who would make a marvellous Captain Marvel (#sorrynotsorry).

It’s really, really good to see that more female superheroes will be populating the MCU soon, including Marvel and Wasp. What I’d really like to see, and I’m sure many readers will agree, is a solo movie for Scarlett Johannsen’s Black Widow. The tiny hint given in ‘Age of Ultron’ did nothing but whet the appetite for more Natasha Romanov backstory. Her history in Russia, her training, and her defection would make one hell of an interesting film.

It’s really, really good to see that more female superheroes will be populating the MCU soon, including Marvel and Wasp.

One last thing I’m really looking forward to in Phase Three is the second ‘Guardians’ movie. The first has become one of my favourite films ever, and I can’t wait to see where they take that part of the Universe next. Phase Three is predicted to eventually wrap up the Infinity Stones story arc that began in late Phase One, so hopefully we will see some crossover between the Galaxy and the Earth-based Avengers soon.

RELEASE DATE: 28/04/2016
RUN TIME: 2h 27m
CAST: Chris Evans
Robert Downey Jr
Scarlett Jonannson
Sebastian Stan
Anthony Mackie
Paul Bettany
Jeremy Renner
Don Cheadle
Elizabeth Olsen
Paul Rudd
Anthony Russo
WRITERS: Christopher Markus
Stephen McFeely
PRODUCER: Kevin Feige
SCORE: Henry Jackman
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