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By Charlie David Page
15th June 2012

They're known as Blue Sun - which, according to their rather eclectic bio, is the hottest of all the stars - astronomically speaking. However, according to the band's 22-year-old lead singer, Josh Romig, that isn't why they chose the name to begin with. "The name kind of came from just sitting around," he explains. "We just wanted to have a name so we could just start making music, because in the end that’s what we’re all about."

The Melbourne quartet release their debut EP today, simply called 'We Are Blue Sun'. It's a diverse yet coherent collection of tracks that show off the impressive skills this band has to offer. From the guitar-driven 'Real Boy' to the catchy 'Lockaway Light' with its sharp drums, Blue Sun benefits from Josh's exemplary vocals, well-penned tunes and a polished technique.


It's no real surprise the EP turned out the way it did when you look at the band in its four parts. Josh, along with guitarist Shane Reilly, bass player Roger Bergodaz and Pete Marin on drums have all had their fair share of experience in the music industry - giving them all an appreciation for their work. "We’re all very music enthusiastic," Josh declared. "We don’t just play because we have to. We actually want to try to create something different."

Getting to the point of releasing their EP has been a true project of passion for Josh. "I’ve been writing the songs since I was 16," he professed. "All up, I think it took us about four months or so to really lay all the tracks down and be happy with them. I'm really happy that it’s coming out now because it’s been a very long time."

We’re all very music enthusiastic. We don’t just play because we have to. We actually want to try to create something different.

Though Blue Sun may have only been playing together for around the past twelve months, it's certainly become a family affair. "We’re constantly hanging out. I was at Roger’s house last night and the whole band was there," Josh recalled. "It’s usually once or twice a week that we get together and drink wine and just talk about music completely."

Though you may not have heard of Blue Sun before - particularly if you're not a Melbournian - you're sure to hear their name again in the future. "I’m writing, all the time, constantly, and we’re trying to get into the studio again," Josh revealed. "We’ll want to get around and travel as soon as the first EP’s out."

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