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By Charlie David Page
20th December 2012

Boy & Bear have had a phenomenal year. Touring Australia and the world, they're riding a high following the release of their 2011 album, 'Moonfire'.

"We definitely didn’t expect any of this. We wrote that first record with all the naïve and arrogance, perhaps, in that we believed it," explains Killian Gavin, who contributes guitar and vocals to the Boy & Bear team. "We had no idea whether anyone else would ever believe it. We were fortunate enough that we’d done a lot of touring before we released the album, that we had a reasonably supportive fanbase... and it was kind of like, if anything at least those few people around the country will enjoy it. But it’s definitely done that and a bit more."

That could be the understatement of the century - it reached number 2 on the ARIA chart, won them five ARIA awards including Album of the Year, and took out three spots in the esteemed Triple J Hottest 100 for 2011. So it's a little surprising to hear, as they work on their follow-up album to this success story, there are minimal nerves among the four boys.

"We’re all aiming to do a really, really live, band-in-a-room performing a song kind of record with old 70s, Fleetwood Mac kind of production and try and make it sound old, but modern and relevant," Killian revealed. "We’re sort of going into it with a blind spot, with not even thinking about what we’ve done before, and just being pretty excited about, keen to make this new thing happen. So far, I don’t have any nerves or any kind of expectations to meet."


Like many of Australia's best bands and the biggest international talent, Boy & Bear are headed to Falls Festival this year. Killian was particularly concerned about being away from the stage for a while. "We are not really doing any shows until Falls Festival basically because we’re just going to be writing a record, so I’m going to be super-nervous because Falls will be the first show in a long time, and it’ll be a big show."

Killian is also the first to admit festivals bring out a different side to Boy & Bear. "Given the nature of our music, it’s not quite as rock ‘n’ roll as other bands. We can’t get up there and just play massive power chords all the time because it’s not our thing. So sometimes we have to slightly adjust our shows for festivals to try and make them a bit rockier. And so, it’s a bit of a joke... we’ll try and bring out the rock set, a bit more distortion on the guitars, a bit more enthusiasm in the beats, and hopefully it sounds a bit bigger. But it’s really fun."

Besides their shows, Killian has plenty to look forward to at this year's Falls. "It’s always nice at festivals catching up with your friends. We toured [with] a support band called Jungle Giants. It’ll be really cool to go see all those guys again. And secondly, I actually really want to see Best Coast. I’ve never seen them before and I think it could be a really fun show to watch."

It seems fans will also get a taste of Boy & Bear's new album at their Falls Festival sets. "We would love to get up and have half the set, new songs. It just depends whether or not we’re ready," Killian remarked. "There’ll definitely be at least two or three up and running by then that we’re really happy with, and after that I guess we’ll see."

Boy & Bear is performing at this year's Falls Festival - for all the details, visit

BAND: Boy & Bear
MEMBERS: Dave Hosking - Vocals/guitar
Killian Gavin - Guitar
Tim Hart - Drums
Jon Hart - Keyboards/banjo
FORMED: 2009
FROM: Sydney
SOUND: Indie/folk
FACEBOOK: boyandbear
TWITTER: @boyandbear
INSTAGRAM: @boyandbear
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