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By Charlie David Page
8th April 2013

The past twelve months have seen Chance Waters pushed into the spotlight. That could be have to do with the artist dropping his previous performing moniker Phatchance, but is more likely thanks to the release of a new album that brings hip hop and pop together successfully - debuting at 54 on the ARIA album charts and producing two entries into Triple J's Hottest 100 for 2012.

The title of Chance's latest album, 'Infinity', has become a symbol of the musician, as well as a means of retaining perspective. "I really like those kind of ideas, and I wanted to be a bit more existential and a bit more external from a writing perspective on this record than I had been on my previous albums, which were all written from a very personal place. So I decided I’d make it a theme to work through the album and tied it all together with the artwork, and just to continually remind myself to think big picture."

Although based in hip hop, the work of Chance Waters draws inspiration from many other musical style. "I think that the genre traditions of Australian hip hop are a little bit limiting," he explained. "Not necessarily limited, but a little bit limiting for somebody like me, because I like to work with bridges and poppy hooks in a lot of my songs. I like the idea of drawing inspiration from wherever those good ideas are going to come from."

Much of that inspiration includes collaboration - and as far as 'Infinity' is concerned, that meant with some high-profile female Australian musicians. "I think I have a tendency to lean towards female singers because I like to do dual vocal stuff and it’s nice to have a higher register. Working with males who have a similar singing range to me doesn’t make as much sense as working with females who have a very different range and tone. So with a song like ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, I’d already written the whole thing and I just wanted to source the right voice, and I thought Lilian [Blue] would be perfect for that track. It was kind of a similar situation with ‘Young and Dumb’, except that Bertie [Blackman] wrote her verse and some of the harmonies."


Chance and the band are about to kick off a three-month tour around the country. "It’s the longest single tour I’ve ever done," he told me. "I’m pretty excited to get on the road and do it all, and I’m touring with Mind Over Matter, which I haven’t done in quite a while, so that’s going to be heaps of fun, and in between shows I’ve got songwriting sessions with people which should be really cool. We have a lot of stuff going on - we’ve got banjo and I play the iPad, we’ve got keys and bass and guitar and a lot of hand percussion and vocal effects and like, fifty foot pedals. We try to be as creative as possible with the show, and just try to have a really good time."

One stop on the road will be the Live It Up Festival, rolling into Brisbane on the 13th April. Being an event designed for those 18 and under, Chance stressed the importance of respecting younger fans. "I think you definitely have a responsibility to your younger listeners to always keep in mind that they’re not necessarily in the same position as you to make the same educated decisions on these things."

The great news is that new music from Chance isn't far away either. "I’m powering through it at the moment," he revealed. "We’ve got ten tracks worth of pre-production done, and a lot of the songs are already written. I want to have it out early next year, and I want to drop the first single as early as June, and just keep the ball rolling and build on everything we had go right for us last year."

For dates for the Live It Up Festival or Chance's Infinity tour, head to his Huddle - and don't forget to follow the Chance Waters Huddle at the top of this page (after signing in or joining) to keep up-to-date with personalised updates of tours and news.

ARTIST: Chance Waters
BEGAN: 2003
FROM: Sydney
SOUND: Hip Hop/indie
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