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By Charlie David Page
28th November 2012

Cub Scouts are the latest fresh-faced band out of Brisbane - but in the last twelve months, the band has made people stop and listen. They've put out a debut EP, toured the country, and even taken home the Queensland Music Awards Song of the Year - but it began with the unexpected success of their first single, 'Evie'.

"One of my ultimate goals was to have it played on Triple J once," explained the band's lead singer, Tim Nelson. "So when it got played, I was just over the moon - and then when it kept getting played and then got added to higher rotation, [it] was a massive surprise."

What's even more surprising is that the song almost never saw the light of day. "When I first wrote ‘Evie’, we kind of had some negativity towards it from people we were looking to from guidance," Tim recalled. "Because of that we kind of ditched the song for a while, and when we started recording those songs, we revisited it briefly, and everyone in the band still really liked the song - so I think that it’s also kind of a point where we decided that everything we were going to do was going to be for us. We weren’t going to be too concerned with what other people thought of what we were doing, but rather just doing what we felt was right. It was a bold decision for us to choose that as the first single, and then for it to go well, I think that made it even more special for us."


The band is looking forward to the 'Told You So' EP tour. "I think that we’ve kinda stepped it up to bigger venues for this tour," explained Tim. "It’s the longest we’ve been without touring this year. We’ve had a couple of months off, so I think that we’ll all be itching to get back on the road."

Cub Scouts supported Ball Park Music earlier this year, and Tim was able to learn plenty of their lead singer, Sam Cromack. "I had always been kind of concerned about the way that I sounded when I was talking between songs, and I realised from watching Sam that you can really pretty much just say whatever you want. I’ve kind of just started being myself more between songs."

Tim and the band also learned the value of cover songs from their tour with Ball Park Music. "We try and throw in some funny covers – well, we find it funny. We started playing a cover of 'Jumpin’ Jumpin’' by Destiny’s Child. We’ve kind of pulled it out a few times, and just started working on the next cover for our Told You So tour - and it’s another Destiny’s Child song, which I’m very excited about."

We weren’t going to be too concerned with what other people thought of what we were doing, but rather just doing what we felt was right.

Excited? "I think they’re on a whole other level. There are too many bands below them I’d like to tour with and Destiny’s Child are above everyone else."

If you'd personally prefer some original material from Cub Scouts, you'll be happy to know there'll be plenty of new tracks too. "I think we’ll be putting out another EP in the first half of next year," Tim revealed. "The response has been pretty good so far. So I guess we’ll do more road testing on this tour. Maybe it’ll help us choose the next single."

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BAND: Cub Sport
MEMBERS: Tim Nelson
Zoe Davis
Sam Netterfield
Daniel Puusaari
FORMED: 2011
FROM: Brisbane
SOUND: Indie/pop
TWITTER: @cubsportmusic
INSTAGRAM: @cubsport
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