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By Charlie David Page
5th October 2013

Given that it's been over two years since his previous 'Hello Anxiety EP', there are plenty who are glad to hear the name Guineafowl again. I chatted to the man behind the moniker, Sam Yeldham, ahead of the release of a brand new EP.

With an album title like 'I Hope My City Loves Me Still', you'd be expecting some emotionally raw music, and Guineafowl's sophomore EP is littered with intimate moments. The single of the same name details a personal experience of heartbreak and self-discovery. "I was going through a bit of a weird time in my life, relationship-wise, and so I I had to go on these really long walks to be able to get to sleep at night," reveals Sam. "I know that it kind of sounds a bit mental, but literally, if I didn’t do it, my mind would be going so fast as I was lying in bed, so I just went out every night on a walk. I love Sydney, so it became as much as a part of what I was going through as the relationship itself."


These urban walkabouts were the cornerstone of the material on the EP. What has flourished is a synth-laiden, quadruple-track offering, much like a tasting platter of what Guineafowl has on show - a dance track, a pop track, a ballad.

Nonetheless, Sam admits he's still learning and growing as a musician. "The first EP was just such an experiment. I was trying to just figure out how to record music. This time I wanted to try and figure out how to write more structured songs. I know how to now structure a song a lot better than I did with the first EP."

Always the perfectionist, I asked Sam when he knew a track was ready to release to the world. "To be honest, it’s when time runs out. I could literally have kept working on them, but time runs out, and you’ve got to set yourself a limit and go, I can’t work past this point. There’s always extra brushstrokes, but time runs out."

These urban walkabouts were the cornerstone of the material on the EP.

Fans have a chance to glimpse of Guineafowl and the new EP live at the 'I Hope My City Loves Me Still' launch, on Thursday 10th October 2013 at Sydney's Club 77. "It’s going to be a party," Sam announced. "I’m going to try and bring as much of it [the EP] as I can. I mean, there’s so many different layers and levels, and it is a bit of a weird one to do live. it is just so difficult to balance a live band with a lot of synth and a lot of electronic stuff, so it’s definitely a ballet, but that’s what we’re going to do at 77. We’re going to perform a ballet."

Guineafowl's new EP 'I Hope My City Loves Me Still' is out on the 11th October 2013.

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ARTIST: Guineafowl
AKA: Sam Yeldham
BEGAN: 2009
FROM: Sydney
SOUND: Electronica / Indie
FACEBOOK: Guineafowl
TWITTER: @GuineafowlMusic
INSTAGRAM: @Guineafowl
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