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By Charlie David Page
8th May 2012

Like their name, the story of Young Magic has a fairly fantastic quality to it - two Australians and one Indonesian came together in New York, of all places, to assemble sounds from around the world and create their debut album 'Melt'. I spoke to Isaac Emmanuel about how it all came together.

Isaac had been living in Melbourne before catching the travel bug and heading overseas. He took with him some basic portable recording equipment, and sampled sounds on his travels across the globe. "I think that naturally the environment that you’re in always makes its way into whatever you’re doing, and that happens on so many different levels," Isaac recollected. "It could be the music you’re hearing in that area, it also could be where you’re head’s at in that space. Often there’ll be sounds from the streets that will actually creep into the recording. "

It just so happened Melati Malay and Michael Italia had been doing something similar to Isaac, and when the three met up in New York, things began to fit into place. "We exchanged the sounds that we’d been working on, and often we found that a lot of the stuff was on the same page - like it was all sitting in the same frequency range, so to speak," Isaac explained.


The product of their collaboration, 'Melt', takes you along with the three members on their travels around the world, in an ensemble of sounds effortlessly worked together. "There was just so much material, a lot of it which we still really liked but didn’t maybe exactly fit the record," Isaac revealed of the process. "We had a few songs already that we wanted to have on there, and used that as a base point and everything kind of flowed from that."

Having recently embarked on a major tour of the United Kingdom and Europe followed by the United States, Young Magic are on the move for the next few months - a feeling Isaac has by now become "mildly addicted" to.

"We’re visiting places we haven’t been before and we’re on the road, and we just have little portable setups now, with computers and microphones – even when we’re in the back of the van driving through the city. We’re kinda always constantly making."

The great news is, homesickness has well and truly set in for Isaac - and what better excuse to come home to Australia than a tour? "I can’t wait to go back – I miss Australia so much. I seriously can’t wait. I think we’re going to try a little bit later in the year to get out there, so fingers crossed."

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BAND: Young Magic
MEMBERS: Melati Malay
Isaac Emmanuel
FORMED: 2010
FROM: Brooklyn, New York
SOUND: Electronic / Dream Pop
FACEBOOK: youngmagicsounds
TWITTER: @ItsYoungMagic
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