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By Charlie David Page
19th April 2012

The most difficult - and yet most enjoyable - thing about Mutemath is the impossible task of classifying their music. Listening to their albums, the songs vary from traditional rock to borderline electronica to rhythm and blues, all standing behind lead singer Paul Meany's soaring vocals - and their latest offering, 'Odd Soul', is no different.

What does make it stand apart is how the band put together this album. Unlike their previous two offerings, Meany, guitarist Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas and drummer Darren King locked themselves away in Meany's home in New Orleans to put together 'Odd Soul'.

“The idea of complete isolation was the only thing that appealed to us. No one would hear or comment on what we were doing until we were done,” Meany says. "We set out to record something that was unapologetically us.”


Without a doubt, that's what the trio have achieved - the album is a blend of different styles that have been put together seamlessly, with Mutemath's distinctively catchy guitar hooks and hypnotic lyrics.

Now, Mutemath are headed to Australian shores for the first time ever, bringing with them their famously vivacious live show - set to be even more impressive with 'Odd Soul' created with the live arena in mind.

"We really wanted to just cut to the chase on this album and compose music that would work for us on stage. We were craving more high-spirited music for this album. We're not good at being dark so we wanted to see how far we could go into creating something glaringly bright."

In what's set to be an epic tour, Mutemath have already sold out shows in Brisbane and Melbourne, For further details on the live shows kicking off early May, click here for all of the band's Australian tour dates.

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BAND: Mutemath
MEMBERS: Paul Meany
Darren King
Todd Gummerman
Jonathan Allen
FORMED: 2002
FROM: New Orleans, Louisiana
SOUND: Alt Rock / Indie Rock
FACEBOOK: mutemath
TWITTER: @mutemath
INSTAGRAM: @mutemath
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