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By Jess Fenton
6th April 2014

It’s a scary thought when you see a film set 30 years ago, and afterwards you look at life today and realise that not much has changed. In life you need a license to drive, fish, even to own a reptile as a pet, but any idiot can become a parent. Yet there are worthy, compassionate and willing people who, for one reason or another, are unable to have children naturally who face just as many obstacles as they ever did.

Set in late 1970s Los Angeles, a poor but happy club drag queen Rudy Donatello (Alan Cumming) is a carefree lover of life and men until a few chance meetings change his life forever. Not only does Rudy meet closeted district attorney Paul Fliger (Garret Dillahunt) at the club one night, but soon after discovers Marco (Isaac Leyva), the 14-year-old son of his drug addict neighbour, abandoned in an apartment. Although Marco is diagnosed with Down syndrome, Rudy and Paul choose to take care of him instead of turning him over to the authorities, and the couple face personal, private and judicial prejudice as they fight to keep their unorthodox yet deeply loving family together.


With adoption laws only just recently changing in Australia, and gay marriage laws still being debated, this film couldn’t come at a more prevalent time. Cumming is magical in his role. The drag queen aspect isn’t much of a stretch for the Tony-winning actor, nor is convincingly portraying a gay man, but it’s the overwhelming heart he brings to the character that has already earned him a multitude of awards and continues to please fans. He, along with on-screen love Dillahunt, are brilliant and balanced together as they perfectly play off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Newcomer Isaac Leyva is the light in this otherwise dim film, due simply to the subject matter and its outcome, not the film or its performances. Leyva shines on screen as both a broken and restored person in need of the love he deserves.

Bring tissues, your conscience and you social moral responsibly - this one is going to kick you in the guts, but in the end you’re going to thank them for it.

RELEASE DATE: 10/04/2014
RUN TIME: 1h 38m
CAST: Alan Cumming
Garret Dillahunt
Isaac Leyva
DIRECTOR: Travis Fine
WRITERS: Travis Fine
George Arthur Bloom
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