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By Charlie David Page
2nd February 2014

It's rare than an album really makes your jaw drop. Something of that calibre has been offered up from Augustines (formerly We Are Augustines - but never The Augustines, mind you) in the form of their self-titled album.

This is vivacious indie rock with a real NYC/Brooklyn feel to it. Laiden with 70s-inspired guitar, the trio offer an expertly crafted LP with an instantly familiar feeling.

The top half of the album is a particularly powerful opening, with some exceptional songwriting and compelling tunes. The vigorous 'Cruel City' sets the pace with a very urban jungle-esque feel. Listening to the song is little bit like you've been up all night, and you're watching the sun rise over the buildings. Lead singer Billy McCarthy's vocals will leave you awe-struck, guaranteed to be a recurring experience.


'Nothing To Lose But Your Head' is a fast-paced tune with a live-fast-die-young attitude, its momentum jubilant and its outlook positive. Energetic drums and lustrous harmonies grow to deliver a luminous conclusion.

The album takes a breath with 'Weary Eyes', pulling back in tempo but not intensity. This song proves McCarthy's distinctive vocals work equally as well with a softer subject. Kicking back up a gear, 'Don't You Look Back' has a touch of The Who embedded in its guitar riffs, its gentle verses making way for a blustering chorus. The tracks continue in exceptional form, through to 'Hold Onto Anything', with McCarthy's howls towering above a regimented drum beat and subtle strings.

This is vivacious indie rock with a real NYC/Brooklyn feel to it.

It's practically impossible not to fall head-over-heels for this thoroughly addictive offering. 'Augustines' is a radiant, exuberant album. It's a joy to bask in the album's layers and textures, from the opening track to the very last note. This album is proof Billy McCarthy knows how to both pen and belt out a remarkable tune, and he and his talented bandmates should be welcoming a hoard of new-found fans - myself included - thanks to this album.

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BAND: Augustines
MEMBERS: Billy McCarthy
Eric Sanderson
Rob Allen
FORMED: 2010
FROM: New York
SOUND: Indie Rock
FACEBOOK: weareaugustines
TWITTER: @WeAreAugustines
INSTAGRAM: @weareaugustines
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