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By Jess Fenton
28th October 2012

Can three of the most deplorable human beings and unlikable characters ever committed to screen save the day and their best friend's wedding? Yes, yes of course they can. And they do it all in heels, with a wink and a smile and a shit load of cocaine.

The highly appealing cast is the only thing this film has going for it, which unfortunately doesn’t translate to the on-screen characters. Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher all play over-indulgent bridesmaids, while Australian and wedding-disaster flick alumni Rebel Wilson plays the blushing bride, Becky.

Set over the course of 36 hours, the three wicked stepsisters... er, bridesmaids arrive together the day before the wedding. After the bachelorette party goes awry, the girls retreat to their hotel room to drown their sorrows over the failed evening - and the fact that their overweight friend they ridiculed in high school is getting married. A drunken mistake sees the girls accidentally destroy the wedding dress. They're then thrust into a wild and whacky mad dash through strip clubs and swimming pools in the wee hours of the morning in order to fix it.


These woman are supposed to be in their early thirties. Are we really to believe that all of their problems from high school experiences over a decade ago have resulted in them not knowing any better, and they haven't ever really grown up? Indulging in excessive alcohol, drugs and anonymous sex, the girls spend too much time trying to mask their real problems and seeking retribution for superficial incidents.

The laughs are neither hard nor plentiful, instead replaced with moments of, "Oh dear God, why doesn’t someone just put her out of her misery?" However, we do find ourselves rooting for these girls to succeed - if only because their goal is for the greater good, even if their motives are repugnant.

The highly appealing cast is the only thing this film has going for it.

Among the girls' appalling actions and character lies real deep-seeded problems, including suicidal tendencies - and even an attempt - which are never acknowledged, resolved or even broached between these so-called best friends. Not only does the film lack charm and sincerity, but it forces false redemptions at its conclusion.

Think ‘Bridesmaids’, but instead of endearing, flawed, neurotics you’re given bitchy neurotic bitches... who do bitchy things. This is not a must see.

RELEASE DATE: 01/11/2012
RUN TIME: 1h 27m
CAST: Kirsten Dunst
Isla Fisher
Lizzy Caplan
James Marsden
Adam Scott
Rebel Wilson
Kyle Bornheimer
Ann Dowd
Hayes Macarthur
Ella Rae Peck
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Leslye Headland
PRODUCERS: Brice Dal Farra
Claude Dal Farra
Jessica Elbaum
Will Ferrell
Adam McKay
Lauren Munsch
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