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By Jess Fenton
4th March 2013

For as long as there has been news media, there has been sex scandals to captivate the masses - and as long as sportsmen have been pubic figures, they’ve competed against politicians to dominate said scandals. None more so than football - pick a code, any code. In the new film ‘Blinder’, we see a grass-roots Aussie rules team, the Torquay Tigers, get embroiled in a scandal involving a 15-year-old girl and a post-grand final victory celebration. Impacting on the lives of all those involved and shattering any hopes of playing in the AFL big leagues, the team members are forced to go on with their lives as best they can. In the 10 years that follow, one of the boys at the centre of the event, Tommy Dunn (Oliver Ackland), has since moved to the U.S. and become a College football kicking coach, but it’s the sudden death of his old coach Chang (Jack Thompson) that will reunite the team as they try to forgive, forget and finally reveal the truth about what happened that fateful night.


While a current subject matter, ‘Blinder’ losses more than half its audience with all its football “stuff” and extreme bias towards the players, turning them into unrepentant victims and placing the blame on the women, or in this case, girl, involved.

The structure of the film is told mostly through flashbacks in the lead up to the night in question, and even going back as far as the year before that to establish characters and relationships that are never really used again. The script’s laboured writing feels as though it was based directly on a "How To" manual, ticking every single cringeworthy cliché in the book along the way. There's a music montage centred around training, and that old classic, stumbling across an old photo at just the right time, staring at it pensively before a transition to a flashback. The story’s melodrama has absolutely no guts and even the film’s ultimate resolution leaves you wanting to burn the cinema down as it's a compete copout, lacking any tension or any true resolve as it brings up more questions than answers.

‘Blinder’ has no redeeming features, and its only credit goes to the fact that it managed to get made in the first place.

RELEASE DATE: 07/03/2013
RUN TIME: 1h 42m
CAST: Jack Thompson - Coach Chang
Angus Sampson - Franky
Oliver Ackland - Tom
Anna Hutchison - Rose
Josh Helman - Morts
DIRECTOR: Richard Gray
WRITERS: Richard Gray
Michele Davis-Gray
PRODUCERS: Mike Gillespie
Richard Gray
Virginia Kay
Christopher Lemole
SCORE: Alies Sluiter
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