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By Charlie David Page
6th July 2012

Cosmo Jarvis has done it again. He's the guy that brought us the viral hit 'Gay Pirates' (if it doesn't ring any bells, head over to his Huddle to check it out) from his 2011 album 'Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?'. Now he's back with his new offering, 'Think Bigger'.

This talented singer/songwriter has the knack of writing ridiculously catchy tunes, instilled with quirky or purposeful messages, quite unlike any you'll find on the radio at the moment. The new album is no different; there's songs that start somewhere in the realm of a country tune and end bordering on heavy metal. It's eccentric in the least.

He deals with a bunch of diverse topics you wouldn't normally hear in music, let alone conversation - religion, mortality, and a crooning love song to his external hard drive, 'Lacie'. It's a peculiar and unpredictable bunch of tunes, with a lathering of banjo throughout most for good measure. Without a doubt, Cosmo isn't the kind of artist who likes to limit himself to one (or even a few) genres.


Things kick off with the devilishly delectable (pun well and truly intended) 'Love This' - the raucous clip for which can be found on this page. It's followed up by tracks you can't help but hum (and later, sing) along to - from the dystopian 'Train Downtown' to the woeful and desperate 'Tell Me Who To Be', as well as the rockingly rebellious 'Good Citizen'.

This album isn't going to please everyone. It's not just full of mindless pop tunes performed without any real instruments. In fact, it's downright peculiar. But if you're willing to give it a go, there's some standout songs that are likely to get stuck in your head - if not in your top iTunes playlists.

Like it? Follow it. Follow the Cosmo Jarvis Huddle at the top of this page (you'll have to sign in or join up) for the latest and news and music.

ARTIST: Cosmo Jarvis
AKA: Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis
BEGAN: 2008
FROM: Devon, Uk
SOUND: Alternative/pop Rock
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