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By James Cerche
7th November 2015

Fleetwood Mac finally stormed into Melbourne, captivating three capacity crowds at Rod Laver Arena, marking one hundred and twelve shows into their current world tour. The band is at full ‘Rumours’ era strength for the first time in sixteen years and they effortlessly reassert the power of their multi-decade spanning catalogue. Mick Fleetwood (in ‘Rumours’ outfit complete with balls), Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, John and Christine McVie operated with such pace and spirit that any ideas of reaching for the term "has-beens" were quickly shattered.

Commencing with a stomping rendition of ‘The Chain’, the band dipped heavily into their signature record, airing nine tracks from 1977’s pop-rock masterwork ‘Rumours’. They instantly stunned with a trio of vocalists who traded the lead spotlight and backed each other faultlessly. Fleetwood Mac delivered 23 songs over two and half hours, only breaking stride to share a brief anecdote or word of thanks and encouragement to the crowd. The opening run of bangers (including ‘Rhiannon’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘You Make Loving Fun’) was followed by a solo demonstration of virtuosity from Buckingham with ‘Bleed To Love Her’ before being joined by Nicks to execute the moving ‘Landslide’.


The band began to flex their considerable muscles as the main set progressed. Lengthier jam and instrumental-friendly cuts like ‘Gold Dust Woman’ revealed more than a knack for crafting hooks. The band hit full blistering stride through these more involved compositions, showcasing the completeness of an act that has been forged by sheer willpower and a heap of internal tumult over forty years. “But we’re still here!” Buckingham reminds us with a grin.

The strength of the group is evident in the great power of each member as an individual, and their ability to come together. Interactions between each member on stage were deeply stirring. Sitting in the nosebleeds and looking down at one of the greatest pop acts of all time, the sense of wonder and occasion was palpable. Seeing Nicks’ shawled silhouette and mane of blonde hair with her glittering top hat and tambourine backed with that amount of sonic power proved eerily transportive to what the height of Fleetwood Mac’s 1978 heyday might have felt like. After all this, we were treated to a stopping performance of ‘Songbird’ by Christine that silenced Rod Laver arena long enough for a wild-eyed Mick Fleetwood to see us off with his triumphant declaration: “The Mac is back.”

BAND: Fleetwood Mac
MEMBERS: Mick Fleetwood
Christine McVie
John McVie
Stevie Nicks
Lindsay Buckingham
FORMED: 1967
FROM: London / San Franciso
SOUND: Pop Rock
FACEBOOK: FleetwoodMac
TWITTER: @FleetwoodMac
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