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By Charlie David Page
4th August 2015

It's hard to find an artist who's raw, heartfelt and honest these days. So it's no surprise when you do, they generally fall into the folk genre of music, the home of heartfelt tunes. Frank Turner sits somewhere on the border between folk and rock - and now with his sixth album, 'Positive Songs For Negative People', his pleasantly comforting and catchy catalog continues to expand.

For those familiar with Turner's work, you'll be very at home with the sounds of this album. For everyone else - well, prepare yourself for some emotional and life-affirming material, set to a vivacious acoustic guitar or a rollicking drum beat you'll be humming along to in no time.


The top and tail of the album embody the raw element I mentioned earlier; 'The Angel Islington' is a scaled-back bedroom-eqsue recording gently delivered in Frank's whispered tones, while 'Song For Josh' is a touching tribute recorded live.

Within these bookends, it's largely a wild ride of rambunctious, rocky tracks. 'Get Better' is a perfect example; from the first note, you'll be blown away by a psychotic electric guitar and a furiously marching drum beat. Singing about embracing life's challenges, 'The Next Storm' sees Turner's raspy vocals lent to a track that's about as bubbly and poppy as he's ever going to get. 'Glorious You' adds to the usual drums-and-guitars combo some beautiful choral singing to embellish the song. In a somewhat bitter tale of love, 'Mittens' is a little more on the negative spectrum of this positive album, a lamentable tune underlaid with a rich piano that builds towards an intense finale.

Prepare yourself for some emotional and life-affirming material.

The untameable 'Out Of Breath' is a vicious and frantic ride with killer drums and ferocious piano, while 'Demons' is actually quite an energetic, uplifting track about living life to the most, with Turner yelling, "Goddamn it's great to be alive!"

'Positive Songs For Negative People' is a comforting album, largely due to Frank Turner's easily accessible brand of music. You can't help but enjoy it; his songs are so uplifting and full of life, it's hard not to get caught up in the mood. For a feel-good experience, treat yourself to a healthy dose of Frank's unique brand of positivity.

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ARTIST: Frank Turner
BEGAN: 2001
FROM: Meonstoke, England
SOUND: Folk/punk
FACEBOOK: frankturnermusic
TWITTER: @frankturner
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