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By Charlie David Page
6th March 2013

When fans begin lining up outside a music venue around lunchtime on a 30°C-plus day, you can be certain it's for the sake of an exceptional artist. That was certainly the case for fun.'s Melbourne gig at the Palace Theatre, and the band surely lived up to expectations.

The audience was extremely receptive to the band's high-energy performance; while tracks from 'Some Nights' were received with rapturous applause, those lesser-known tunes from 'Aim and Ignite' were met with dutiful attentiveness, along with great excitement from dedicated fans. Nonetheless, there wasn't a song the crowd didn't sing along to at the top of their lungs.

True, numbers such as 'We Are Young' and 'Some Nights' had the crowd enraptured, yet other tunes found their own form and style on stage. There was a particularly poignant rendition of 'The Gambler', with a impassioned performance from Andrew Dost on piano. In an especially exuberant version of 'Barlights', guitarist Jack Antonoff grabbed his own set of drumsticks to help out in an intense drum solo. There was also a surprisingly faithful interpretation of The Rolling Stones' 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' that was warmly received by the audience, and the evening was brought to a close with an extended performance of 'Stars'.


Lead singer Nate Ruess is a consummate expert and master of his audience while on the stage. Charming, enigmatic and a little cheeky, his demeanour is one of an old friend, making you welcome and feeling as though you're part of things. He roams the full length of the stage, constantly interacting with the audience and his bandmates. There's clearly a great camaraderie between these three gentlemen - there's a synergy to their performances that allows them to bend the rules occasionally without things falling apart. They're also not afraid to poke fun at their audience, mocking our pronunciation of "festival" - but in true Australian style, we gave it right back, correcting their drawn-out way of saying "Melbourne".

Lead singer Nate Ruess is a consummate expert and master of his audience while on the stage.

As the night drew to a close, Nate seemed to reciprocate what the audience had been experiencing. "I kid you not, this is one of our favourite shows ever," he exclaimed. "Fuck it, I guess we'd better come back soon."

fun. certainly know how to live up to their name. Seeing them live is a joyful experience, guaranteed to put a smile on your face - if not for the music, then the energy exuded from the stage and Ruess' quirky on-stage persona. They put on the kind of show people talk about wishing they'd been at; this gig is indisputably one of those.

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BAND: Fun.
MEMBERS: Nate Ruess
Andrew Dost
Jack Antonoff
FORMED: 2008
FROM: New York
SOUND: Alternative Rock
FACEBOOK: ournameisfun
TWITTER: @ournameisfun
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