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By Jess Fenton
27th May 2012

Mel Gibson’s comeback has been slow and steady over the past few years given his ongoing public misgivings. He’s been playing his cards well - choosing his projects very carefully. Movies that are small but not too small and that actually say something, as well choosing project made by friends and trustworthy colleagues willing to gamble on his presence in their movie and vice versa. This strategy has produced ‘The Beaver’ and ‘Edge of Darkness’. Next up on the comeback train is ‘Get The Gringo’, produced as well as co-written by and staring the acting veteran, this film is co-written and directed by his ‘Apocalypto’ and ‘Edge of Darkness’ 1st AD Adrian Grunberg.


On the run after stealing $4 million from a crime boss, Driver (Mel Gibson) crash lands across the border into Mexico and is swiftly thrown into a prison described as “the world’s shittiest mall”. Pretty much like a small village including locals and families, guns, drugs and prostitutes are all lined up in store fronts. There’s real estate, a casino, eateries and of course the insider running the whole show from high above. Driver uses his smarts, wits and fearlessness to make the system work for him until he runs into a 10-year-old boy with just as much brains and guts as him. But the kid has a little something else that money can’t buy... and then the story gets a little more complicated from there.

Gibson is well and truly back in his element.

The unique setting for this action caper is the key to the success of the film. It’s like nothing the big screen has seen before, opening up the story to characters and rules with no preconceived ideas, making everything shiny, new and utterly exciting.

Gibson is well and truly back in his element. He's smart and sexy with a checkered past and that I-know-something-you-don’t-know look about him that is so grossly appealing. The film displays seriousness and silliness as well as everything in between, and is one hell of a ride.

The stakes are high, the action is original and the dialogue is fun and smart, all set against a completely unique backdrop that is all too engaging. Definitely one for the boys and those who just love a good Mel Gibson caper.

RELEASE DATE: 31/05/2012
RUN TIME: 01h 36m
CAST: Mel Gibson
Peter Stormare
Dean Norris
Bob Gunton
Kevin Hernandez
Daniel Giménez Cacho
Jesús Ochoa
Dolores Heredia
Peter Gerety
Roberto Sosa
DIRECTOR: Adrian Grunberg
WRITER: Mel Gibson
Stacy Perskie
Bruce Davey
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