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By Charlie David Page
18th July 2012

He may just be 22 years old, but Hayden Calnin has a voice that carries a masterful maturity and subtle power. He's well-schooled - he plays a variety of instruments and has performed with the likes of Matt Corby and Gossling - and that's definitely reflected in his EP released on the 20th July, 'City'.

There's one thing that's clear about Hayden's music - there's no trickery here. He relies heavily on his vocal abilities, and they are stunning - there's a sincerity that's ingrained into Hayden's self-produced EP, in the songwriting, the melodies, and his husky singing.


The inarguable standout is the track 'Summer' - as the EP's first single, is rolls and soars with loops of Hayden's vocals, layered over a subtle keyboard - but his voice is his instrument of choice for this song. Though beautiful, there's a bittersweet feel to it, which slowly builds towards a raw, impassioned conclusion. What's more amazing is watching Hayden's skills performing this particular tune live (which you can check out in the video below).

'For My Help' and 'Shutters' show off Hayden's musical abilities - the former woven with gorgeous piano and wild drums, while the latter uncovers more of an electronica side of the artist, with an ethereal touch to the song.

There's one thing that's clear about Hayden's music - there's no trickery here.

Without a doubt, Hayden Calnin is embarking on an extraordinary journey. He officially launches 'City' in Melbourne on the 24th August and in Sydney on the 19th September, as well as performing at Brisbane's BIGSOUND Live on the 12th and 13th September - and once you've had a taste of what he has to offer, you'll definitely be anticipating more.

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ARTIST: Hayden Calnin
BEGAN: 2007
FROM: Melbourne
SOUND: Folk/pop
FACEBOOK: haydencalninmusic
TWITTER: @haydencalnin
INSTAGRAM: @haydencalnin
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