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By Charlie David Page
4th February 2013

Imagine people relaxing on the grass, enjoying a cider, chatting with friends, enjoying the warm weather. It's a casual Sunday afternoon, whiled away with laid-back music. Only this isn't a real backyard, and the music isn't blaring from an iPod - it's live, and delivered by some of Australia's most impressive artists to an intimate gathering, as a part of The Garden Party.

Husky take to the stage to headline the event on Sunday 3rd February 2013, to unleash their soulful harmonies on the audience. Led by the captivating Husky Gawenda, the band put on an ideal indie performance - it consists of a tight set, perfectly pitched for the situation of The Garden Party. The song choices range from the macabre to the hopeful. The performances are tight, producing a well-oiled show from all four members - clearly the result of the 200-odd gigs the band put on in 2012.

We also glean a preview of some newer songs, from a forthcoming album, still developing. 'For The Years Gone By' takes us towards an impending destination determined by an unalterable past, while the acoustically-driven 'Wolfman' delivers a personification of the internal struggle to do right.


Notably, the finale involves drummer Luke Collins heading to the front of the stage with an acoustic guitar for a version of Leonard Cohen's 'Lover Lover Lover', the band sharing a solitary microphone and urging on the audience's participation.

What's fantastic about this event is that it puts lesser-known musicians directly in touch with a music-loving crowd. While there were clearly a number of Husky fans at the gig, there were also people there simply to enjoy the music. The Garden Party creates a venue in a location that would otherwise remain unused, and provides artists with the platform to exhibit themselves in front of a willing audience.

Husky is a band that's easy to watch perform live; their delicate tunes are conducive to a leisurely listening experience. The synchronicity between bandmates delivers an engaging show, further magnified by the event's intimiate gathering.

The Garden Party runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons until the 17th February - head to for the line-up and details.

BAND: Husky
MEMBERS: Husky Gawenda - Vocals, Guitar
Gideon Preiss - Keyboard
Evan Tweedie - Bass
Luke Collins - Drums
FROM: Melbourne
SOUND: Folk/alternative
FACEBOOK: huskysongs
TWITTER: @huskysongs
INSTAGRAM: @huskysongs
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