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By Charlie David Page
29th August 2016

Jamie T is one of the few artists whose work has consistently been well-received by both critics and fans. After five years of radio silence, his previous album 'Carry On The Grudge' arrived to a rapturous applause in 2014. Still, with every new release, the musician continues to broaden his scope and morph into another incarnation of himself. Simply called 'Trick', his fourth album takes us down an unexplored yet extraordinarily exciting path; Jamie T's songs have never been quite so dark.

'Tinfoil Boy' is a rough initiation into the album, aggressive and nightmarish, yet with a very cinematic feel. Like an ominous storm, the song builds to a thunderous chorus, its harsh, angular sounds leaving you with an uneasy feeling. The intensity sustains with 'Drone Strike', a hip hop track with a distorted bass line which Jamie T screams over.


There's more than a few tunes with a distinctively 1970s punk influence. An ode to consumerist culture, 'Tescoland' deceptively bubbles along whilst disguising some sinister undertones. Meanwhile, 'Robin Hood' is a very unobscured homage to The Clash, with a wickedly lively telling of Johnny the bank robber and the love of his life.

'Solomon Eagle' soars above many of the other tracks, telling the tale of an antihero in a brutal city with an intimate relationship with the devil. Doing what he does best, Jamie T keeps the album strong to the very end; closing track 'Crossfire Love' is reminiscent of the musician's earlier work, as he raps his tightly-penned yet passionate lyrics to bring the album to something of an optimistic conclusion.

Doing what he does best, Jamie T keeps the album strong to the very end.

The brilliance of Jamie T's music lies in his ability to gel a number of genres together into a truly unique style. 'Trick' is certainly a maturation for the artist, whilst still retaining a healthy handful of his characteristic cheekiness and controversy. This album is a new kind of beast, melding together techniques learned over the past decade with something more sombre and unsettling. In no way does this take away from the awe-inspiring songs produced; it simply shows a shift in perspective for Jamie T.

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AKA: Jamie Alexander Treays
BEGAN: 2005
FROM: London
SOUND: Alternaitve/indie Rock, Hip Hop
FACEBOOK: jamietmusic
TWITTER: @jamietmusic
INSTAGRAM: @jamietmusic
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