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By Charlie David Page
24th January 2012

From the first moments after Kasabian stepped onto the stage of the Hordern Pavillion, the crowd knew they were in for a gig to remember. Sunglasses-wielding lead singer, Tom Meighan, whipped the audience into a frenzy and giving them exactly what they were looking for.

Kicking off the show with the single 'Days Are Forgotten' from their new album 'Velociraptor!', this could have been a blatant promotion of their latest work. However, it was anything but - the set featured some of the band's biggest tracks from the past four albums. 


Kasabian had the crowd with their hands in the air from the very first number, and there they stayed until the end of the encore. This was a rare performance where not one member of the audience was disconnected from the artist; there was an energy in the crowd that was visible in everyone around you.

Each song following had fans wanting more. 'Shoot The Runner' sent the audience wild, and was followed by new favourite 'Velociraptor!', and crowd-pleaser 'Underdog'.

One of the most spectacular parts of this show was the band's connection with the audience; they were here to entertain, and that they did. There was an engagement that's so often missing at gigs, and the level of enthusiasm and enjoyment clearly resonated from the band. 

Each song following had fans wanting more.

There was even moments of interaction with the audience; a few letters were thrown onto the stage and promptly read out. Then there were the moments the band would play on the crowd's enthusiasm - during 'Club Foot', Meighan told the audience he wanted to "see some f#@!ing pandemonium right now"; without a doubt, he got what he was after.

Kasabian have become one of the biggest bands in the UK - and it's not hard to see why. With catchy tunes, great lyrics and a brilliant on-stage persona, there's no question why Kasabian have become a global sensation. 

BAND: Kasabian
MEMBERS: Tom Meighan
Sergio Pizzorno
Chris Edwards
Ian Matthews
Jay Mehler
FORMED: 1999
FROM: Leicestershire, Uk
FACEBOOK: kasabian
TWITTER: @KasabianHQ
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